NCAA men’s gymnastics Week 10 recap: Illinois wins by 16, OU nabs ‘ugly win,’ and Stanford sets season high

Illinois routed Nebraska in a dual meet on Sunday to set a new season high and secure the widest margin of victory against a Big Ten opponent at home in decades. 

Oklahoma came out ahead against Ohio State and Penn State on Saturday in Columbus, posting season-bests on floor and parallel bars that helped make up for errors on pommel horse and high bar. 

The Cardinal, meanwhile, tallied the best score in the nation this season during a meet with Navy and Air Force, and Cal set a new top score in its victory over Army and William & Mary. 

Here’s what happened in Week 10 of NCAA men’s gymnastics. 

Illini best Nebraska in senior night win 

Illinois hit 32-of-32 routines on Sunday to earn an important conference victory over Nebraska, winning by the widest margin against a Big Ten foe at home since 1989. 

The Illini had the best team score across five events and captured individual titles on four. The team took control of the meet after pommel horse, in the second rotation, and continued building on its lead until high bar. Illinois’ 411.55 was an almost three-point season-high and the second-best score in the Big Ten. Theirs was also a win accomplished with plenty aplomb: the Illini stuck three vaults, and many of their gymnasts — Connor McCool, David Pochinka, Amari Sewell, Michael Fletcher, and others — had some of their best routines of the season. 

Nebraska suffered a rough pommel horse rotation early in the meet that resulted in the team trailing the Illini by more than eight points after two rotations. Overall, the Huskers had to count three two-fall routines and their worst event scores of the season on horse and parallel bars. Nebraska’s 395.25 was a season-low by about four points. Still, the Huskers rallied at the end of the meet to put up their second-best high bar score of the year, and Taylor Christopulos won the all-around after battling with Illinois’ Fletcher throughout the competition. 

On floor, four clean Illini routines built up to an excellent anchor routine from McCool. The senior stuck five-of-six passes — including a back 3.5, Randi, triple connection pass, and triple full dismount — to score a 14.6 for a runner-up finish. Nebraska’s Christopulos was slightly better, though, sticking all five passes — layout double-double, tucked double-double, and triple full dismount among them — to score a 14.65 with a 9.05 execution score. 

Illinois started pulling away in earnest on horse, scoring almost eight points better than the Huskers. The Illini had the top five scores on the event, with Ian Skirkey at the top of the pack. Skirkey’s 6.5-difficulty set included a Mikulak, two E flops, a Sohn, full Stockli, Wu, Roth, and a triple Russian dismount. He scored a 14.75. Pochinka put up his best performance of the year to take second with a 13.85, and Connor Micklos was third with a 13.4. The Huskers’ best score came from Travis Wong, who placed sixth with a 13.15. Nebraska had four falls on horse. 

Both teams hit all five routines on rings, but Illinois was roughly a point better on the apparatus. Ashton Anaya had one of his best sets of the year, performing an Azarian Maltese, butterfly pull to straight planche, back uprise Maltese to Nakayama late in the routine, and a full-twisting double back to score a 14.3 for the title. Nebraska’s Liam Doherty-Herwitz stuck his full-twisting double layout dismount to score a 13.8 for a runner-up finish, and Illinois’ Ethan Boder took third after sticking his tucked full-twisting double back dismount. 

Illinois led by about 9.5 points after three events. 

On vault, the Illini recorded three sticks. McCool stuck his Kas 1.5 to place fourth with a 14.55; Josh Cook stuck his Kas full and placed sixth; and Sewell stuck his Kas 1.5 to score a 14.8 and tie for the event title. Sewell shared the crown with Nebraska’s Donte McKinney, who performed another huge Yurchenko 2.5 with a small hop on the landing. The Huskers’ Christopulos was also exceptional on the event, taking a small hop after an explosive Kas 1.5 to place third with a 14.75. 

Illinois pulled ahead by another 7.5 points on parallel bars, taking the top three spots after Nebraska suffered approximately six major errors. Pochinka tallied his second-best score of the year with a routine including a whip-it, healy, peach half, peach handstand, and stuck double-front dismount. He scored a 14.3 after a season-high 14.6 the previous weekend. Illinois’ Will Hauke placed second with a season-best 14.15 after performing a peach half, peach handstand, Bhavsar, and double pike dismount. Fletcher took third with a 13.9 for a routine that included a whip-it, healy, peach handstand, and double pike dismount. Meanwhile, Christopulos was best for Nebraska, scoring a 13.5 for fourth. 

The Huskers’ had a strong rotation on high bar with three sticks that ended a difficult competition on a definite high note. Nebraska’s Zachary Tiderman claimed the title after showing off a Tak half, layout connected to straddle Tkatchevs, pike Tkatchev, and a stuck full-twisting double layout. Tiderman earned a season-best 14.35 for the effort. McKinney and Christopulos rounded out the podium with respective scores of 14.2 and 13.65. McKinney’s set included a gorgeous Tak half, layout and straddle Tkatchevs, and a stuck full-twisting double layout dismount. Christopulos just barely reeled in a Cassina and Kolman to hit his 5.5-difficulty routine – the hardest of the competition. Illinois’ Pochinka posted the team’s best high bar routine from the anchor spot, catching layout and straddle Tkatchevs and sticking his full-twisting double layout dismount to cap his time competing at Huff Hall. 

Oklahoma comes out ahead in tri-meet against Ohio State, Penn State

Oklahoma pulled out what head coach Mark Williams called an “ugly win” to defeat Ohio State and Penn State in Columbus by a more than five-point margin. 

The Sooners had their best floor rotation of the year — taking the top four places on the event — but stumbled on horse and high bar. Yet the team was buoyed by strong vault and parallel bars performances during the fifth and sixth rotations and the more than four point lead it had built by the halfway point of the competition. 

Penn State counted a couple misses on floor and errors on pommel horse dismounts — an area where OU also struggled. After three rotations, the Nittany Lions trailed both the Buckeyes and the Sooners but made up ground on the former throughout the second half of the competition. The team had a season-best parallel bars rotation by a more than one-point margin and the best total of the competition on high bar. U.S. senior national team member Josh Karnes won the all-around with a huge 83.9 – the highest all-around total in the country this season.

Ohio State went four-for-five on horse to start its competition and was in good position through three events. The team then counted a couple misses on both parallel bars and high bar — its fourth and fifth rotations, respectively — but remained in contention going into the usually high-scoring vault for its final rotation, trailing Penn State by four points at that point. But the Buckeyes had their worst vault rotation of the year to close the meet and fall further behind both opponents, counting a balked vault that scored in the 11s. 

OU started on rings and went five-for-five as Adriel Perales led the lineup with a 13.55, performing a back uprise straight planche, straight body press handstand, and double-double dismount. The Sooners moved to floor, where the team took the top four spots on the way to a season-best score of 70.9. Emre Dodanli finished first on the event, bounding through a full-twisting double layout, tucked double-double, front layout to Randi, and a stuck triple full. Dodanli earned a career-high 14.65 for the routine. Spencer Goodell was runner-up to Dodanli, scoring a 14.45 with his 5.8-difficulty set, and Jack Freeman finished third. 

The Sooners, No. 1 nationally on pommel, had their worst horse performance of the year during the third rotation. The team had unusual difficulty executing dismounts: Two gymnasts failed to reach the handstand position on their dismounts, while one gymnast erred during a triple Russian finish. Freshman standout Ignacio Yockers was among those who struggled on dismounts, but he still managed to finish second with a 14.15 thanks to his high level of difficulty.

OU went to high bar where the team counted a two-fall routine in an otherwise clean rotation. Vitaliy Guimaraes tied teammate Kelton Christiansen for fourth place and the squad’s best high bar scores of 13.4. Guimaraes stuck his full-twisting double layout dismount after catching a Yamawaki and straddle Tkatchev, and Christiansen performed a layout Jaeger. OU’s Dodanli and Freeman also put up strong sets, finishing with respective scores of 13.35 and 13.3. 

Oklahoma extended its lead on vault, scoring more than a point higher than Penn State on the event. Guimaraes took a tiny hop on his Yurchenko double full to claim the title with a 14.5, while Dodanli landed a clean Kas 1.5 to finish second with a 14.45. 

The Sooners finished the competition with their best parallel bars showing of the year, and Goodell and Dodanli led the lineup. From the anchor spot, Goodell moved through a crisp healy, peach half, peach handstand, Tippelt, and double pike dismount to finish second with a 14.45. Dodanli placed fourth with a score of 14.15, and OU ended with a team score of 410.0. 

Penn State’s Karnes won parallel bars and high bar and had his best all-around performance of the year. On parallel bars, Karnes executed a whip-it, peach handstand, Makutz, healy, Bhavsar, and double front dismount to score a 14.55. On high bar, he performed a Tak half, Kolman, layout Tkatchev, straddle connected to pike Tkatchev, and full-twisting double layout dismount for a score of 13.55. 

Earlier in the meet, Matthew Underhill won the rings title with a score of 14.0, awarded after the freshman showed good holds on a back uprise straight planche, back uprise Maltese, and stuck his double-double dismount. Karnes was also second on rings with a 13.6 and third on horse with a season-high 14.1. Nathaniel Warren finished fourth on rings, sticking his full-twisting double back dismount to score a 13.55. 

Karnes’ parallel bars routine led Penn State to a season-best showing on the event. Matt Cormier was integral to that effort, too, scoring a 14.25 for third after moving through a peach handstand, Makutz, healy, whip-it, and double front dismount. Ian Raubal and Ethan Dick finished fifth and sixth with respective scores of 14.1 and 13.9. 

Penn State closed the meet with a strong high bar rotation. After Karnes, Cormier had the team’s best routine, catching his Kovacs, layout and straddle Tkatchevs, and landing a layout double-double dismount to score a 13.5 for second. The Nittany Lions ended the meet with a score of 404.45. 

Ohio State started off its competition with a season-best horse routine from Parker Thackston, who performed two E flops, a Roth, extended travels, and a fluid dismount to score a 14.2 for the event title. The Buckeyes moved to rings, where Kameron Nelson stuck a double-double to place second with a 13.6, and then counted one fall and a half miss on floor. 

After three events, Ohio State led Penn State by almost a point-and-a-half. The team then counted a fall and a couple of major execution deductions on parallel bars, posting a score that lagged its opponents’ totals on the event by roughly four points. 

On high bar, Ohio State suffered two falls, but Jacob Harmon turned in a clutch routine that earned him third with a score of 13.45. Harmon performed pike and straddle Tkatchevs, clean inbar work, and stuck his full-twisting double layout dismount. 

Vault was the Buckeyes’ ultimate undoing on Saturday. The team hit four-of-five of its vaults but had to count a score of 11.6, resulting in an event total of 68.3 compared with the team’s season high of 72.25. Caden Spencer was the best Buckeye finisher on the event, scoring a 14.3 with his clean Kas full to place fifth. Ohio State finished with a 397.6. 

Stanford sets season high in win over Navy, Air Force 

The Cardinal was back in top form at a tri-meet versus Navy and Air Force on Saturday in Annapolis, tallying the country’s best score so far (423.55) and claiming five individual event titles. 

Navy also posted a season-best score (395.3) while Air Force had its second-best vault performance of the year. The Mids’ runner-up finish to Stanford also avenged the team’s earlier loss to Air Force at the All-Academy Championships. 

Stanford started the meet with its best showing of the season on rings, scoring a nation-leading 72.4. Asher Hong was at the top of an all-Stanford podium on the event with a score of 14.65. Brody Malone and Brandon Briones finished second and third, respectively, with scores of 14.6 and 14.5, while Mark Berlaga and Ian Gunther tallied respective totals of 14.35 and 14.3 to round out the top five. 

The Card’s Nick Kuebler then had a season-best floor routine to score a 14.55 and take the event title. Kuebler was joined on the floor podium by Hong and Jeremy Bischoff, who scored 14.4 and 13.6, respectively. 

Stanford set another season-high of 68.9 on pommel horse. Khoi Young led the way on the event with a score of 14.35, and Malone finished third. 

The Cardinal had their best performances of the year on high bar and parallel bars, too. On the former, Malone performed a gorgeous set featuring a Cassina, Kolman, layout Tkatchev, Tak full, and layout double-double dismount to reassert his distinction on the event and score a 14.15 for the win. Brandon Nguyen finished second with a 13.95, while Kuebler posted a 13.4 to take third. 

On vault, Zach Martin put up a 14.8 to win the event. Brandon Briones was third with a score of 14.65. 

Stanford’s parallel bars total of 72.8 on Saturday ranks as the top score in the country on the event by well over two points. J.R. Chou led the parallel bars lineup with a score of 14.85. Malone and Ian Lasic-Ellis finished second and third with respective scores of 14.75 and 14.7, while Hong was fifth with a 14.15. 

Navy’s best total of the season was fueled by season-bests on horse and rings. The team started the meet on floor, where Ian Dinmore had one of his best routines of the season. Dinmore performed a whip back to back 2.5, front layout to double full, full-twisting double back, and triple full dismount to take fourth with a 13.5. 

The Mids’ Syam Buradagunta and Ronan McQuillan guided the team to its best horse finish of the year, scoring 13.45 and 13.2, respectively. Buradagunta swung cleanly through a Tong Fei, Sivado, Magyar, triple Russian, and handstand dismount. 

Isaiah Drake finished sixth on rings with a 13.7 after performing a back uprise Maltese, Azarian cross, and sticking his full-twisting double back dismount. Riley Rose, Danilo Viciana, and Sabastian Gordon also finished in the top 10. 

Connor Van Loo performed the Mids’ best vault, scoring a 14.5 after taking only a small step on his Yurchenko 2.5. Isaiah Drake (Kas 1.5) and William Champagne (Kas full) both put up 14.25s.

Drake and Caleb Hickey finished sixth and seventh on parallel bars, where Navy had to count a few scores in the 12s. Drake mounted with a free hip before executing a whip-it, peach handstand, and sticking his double pike. Hickey’s routine, meanwhile, included a whip-it, healy, peach handstand, and double front dismount. 

Navy finished with its third-best high bar score of the season. Giovanni Gambatese and Matthew Petros showed strong routines, finishing fourth and fifth, respectively. Gambatese caught a Yamawaki, Kovacs, Kolman, straddle Tkatchev, a truly flying giant, and stuck his full-twisting double layout dismount. Petros performed a routine that featured a Tak half right to handstand, layout and straddle Tkatchevs, clean inbar work, and a stuck full-twisting double layout dismount. 

Patrick Hoopes put up Air Force’s top routine of the day and set a program record with his best pommel performance of the year. Hoopes’ 6.5-difficulty routine included a Kehr to F flop, full Stockli, Sohn, E flop, Roth, triple Russian, Tong Fei, Belenki, and swing handstand dismount. He scored a 15.3 to win the event by almost a point. 

The Falcons’ Erich Upton also had a strong competition, finishing second on vault after sticking Kas 1.5 to score a 14.7 and fifth on floor with a 13.4. 

Upton’s stuck vault helped Air Force put up its second-best total of the year on the apparatus (71.1). Oliver Zavel and Samuel Metzler finished top 10 on vault as well.

Zavel was also top 10 on floor, rings, parallel bars, and high bar, with his best finish coming on rings. There, Zavel performed clean strength and Yamawaki elements and a full-twisting double layout dismount to take seventh. 

Jack Matlock earned a seventh-place finish, posting a 13.25 on horse with a routine that included a D flop, Tong Fei, square travels, and a triple Russian dismount. 

Air Force’s Charlie Miles finished top 10 on parallel bars with a 13.25. 

Cal’s best meet of season delivers big win over Army, William & Mary

The Bears posted an almost five-point season high (399.35) on Saturday to capture a confident win over Army and William & Mary in Berkeley.

Cal took five event titles in the meet and cracked the 390 mark for the first time since Week 4. 

The Bears’ Noah Newfeld had an exceptional competition, claiming titles on floor, rings, and parallel bars. Cal also set new top team scores by a roughly two-point margin on both floor and pommel horse. 

Army tied its second-best score of the year (390.15), and the Black Knights’ Zachary Perez won high bar. The team also set season-highs on floor and vault but struggled on horse. 

William & Mary’s 384.2 on Saturday was the team’s second-best score of the year. The Tribe had their best showings of the season on vault, parallel bars, and high bar. 

Cal’s strong competition began on floor, where Newfeld posted a 14.0 to claim the title. Tyler Shimizu and Harrison Gregory also finished atop the podium with respective scores of 13.85 and 13.8. 

On horse, Cal’s Aidan Li scored a 14.05, his second best mark of the season, to win the event and lead a season-best performance by the Bears. Teammate Noah Sano tied his season-high (13.95) to place second, and Newfeld finished fourth. 

Newfeld’s 13.9 on rings was enough for the title, and Sano was runner-up on the apparatus with a score of 13.45. After three rotations, Cal led by more than seven points. 

The Bears’ Jasper Smith-Gordon won another vault title, this time with a Kas 1.5, scoring a 14.8. 

On parallel bars, Newfeld claimed the top spot with a season-best 14.3. Theodor Gadderud was runner-up with a 13.6, while Shimizu was fourth, scoring a 13.4. 

Cal closed the meet with a second-place finish on high bar from Gadderud, who scored a 13.0. Newfeld was next-best for the Bears on the apparatus, scoring a 12.7 to tie for fifth. 

Army’s season-best showing on floor was led by Joseph Buselmeier and Jacob Nauman, who finished fifth and sixth with respective scores of 13.75 and 13.7. That strong floor performance helped cover for the Black Knights’ lowest pommel horse score since Week 4. 

Army had the best vault total of the competition (70.6) and two podium finishers: Johnathan Pinc and Corban Barstow, who finished second and third, respectively, with scores of 14.6 and 14.15. 

Zachary Perez was the Black Knights’ top individual finisher, winning high bar with a score of 13.2. Perez and teammates Noah Pace and Jacob Nauman helped Army put up the best high bar score of the meet. 

The Tribe’s Evan Sikra, Aidan Cuy, and Ricky Pizem led the team to three season-high event scores. On vault, Sikra stuck a Yurchenko 1.5 to score a 14.15 and tie for third, while Cuy landed a Kas 1.5 to tie his career-high score of 14.1. 

Cuy also turned in a 13.3 on parallel bars to fuel William & Mary effort on the event, mounting with a free-hip and moving through a Diam half and double pike dismount. Christian Marsh finished right behind Cuy, scoring a 13.25, after landing a floaty double front dismount. Alek Kuzmenchuk was also top 10 on the event with a score of 12.95. 

Pizem set a career high on high bar to tie for second and lead his team to its best total of the season. He caught a Yamawaki, Kovacs, glided through a Zou Li Min, and stuck his full-twisting double layout dismount to score 13.0. Sikra finished fourth on the event with a 12.95 after performing pike and straddle Tkatchevs and landing a full-twisting double layout dismount, and Kuzmenchuk tied his career-high score of 12.7.

Earlier in the meet, the Tribe’s Will Harrington set a career high on floor (13.8) to tie for third. His set included a double layout, double front, and a stuck full-twisting double back dismount. Trenton Peazant and Malcolm Baytop also set career-bests on floor. 

In the all-around, William & Mary’s Cuy and Mark Fu finished first and second, respectively, with Cuy posting a season-high 75.95. 

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