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2023 Winter Cup | Men’s All-Around Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for for the men’s all-around competition at the 2023 Winter Cup, held in Louisville, Kentucky!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

3:59 pm. All-Around Final Results

1. Yul Moldauer 85.342
2. Fred Richard 84.602
3. Asher Hong 81.948
4. Ian Lasic-Ellis 81.905
5. Shane Wiskus 81.200
6. Riley Loos 80.205
7. Joshua Karnes 79.500
8. Ian Gunther 79.152

The top five automatically make the national team!

3:57 pm. Asher Hong FX: Front full to piked double front, small step. A bit of form in the double layout. Front tuck full to double front, hands down, ugh. Hit the rest, messy legs on the triple full.

3:56 pm. Midway break for the final rotation! Still have Asher Hong to go on floor and a couple of guys on pommels and rings, but that’s mostly it? What a weird spot to put a break hahaha.

3:52 pm. Ian Lasic-Ellis FX: Randi to start, little bounce back, some form. Front full to double front, leans forward into the landing and hops. Had a good combo pass after his strength elements and then a clean double full down the side. Triple full, a little short, but gets it around! 13.600

3:50 pm. Riley Loos FX: Hit his first pass, then a piked double front, deep with a step back. Front double full to front full, hop. Clean double full. 2.5 to front layout, tiny hop forward. Triple full, another tiny step. 12.900

3:46 pm. Cameron Bock HB: Caught his releases, nice form out of his Tak and most other front giant elements, bent his knees quite a bit on the double double layout dismount, small hop. 13.550

3:45 pm. Yul Moldauer PB: Some little things throughout this set but he’s fighting through, and he landed the double front half really well. Excellent work overall, especially in that he’s not really giving up on anything today – something that I think has been an issue for him in the past. 15.121 (or 14.8 without bonus)

3:43 pm. Shane Wiskus PH: Made it through his set here, nothing phenomenal and his difficulty is a bit low but made it through! 13.250

Stephen Nedoroscik PH: Just knocked out a really strong set up until the dismount! 15.092, or a 14.65 without bonus

3:41 pm. Fred Richard HB: Cassina, nice, Kolman was a little wild but he caught! Layout Tkachev to straddle, great connection. Piked Tkachev, gets through his front giant work, came up a little short on the Tak half, double double layout STUCK. OKAY THEN. 14.962, or a 14.55 without bonus, INCREDIBLE.

3:33 pm. Rotation 5 Standings

1. Yul Moldauer 70.221
2. Asher Hong 69.745
3. Fred Richard 69.640
4. Ian Lasic-Ellis 68.305
5. Shane Wiskus 67.950
6. Riley Loos 67.305
7. Ian Gunther 66.252
8. Kameron Nelson 65.916

3:29 pm. Curran Phillips PB: Cassina, nice! Kolman also strong. Layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, hop full, flying giant, I love that so much, and a stuck full-twisting double layout, OH MY GODDDD YES. That was so nice. 13.700 puts him first!

Kameron Nelson FX: Didn’t see it but he apparently opened his floor with a triple back! 14.114

3:25 pm. Cameron Bock PB: Did some smooth work overall, especially loved the handstand after the Bhavsar and then the Tippelt…but then he overrotated the dismount and sat it before falling to his back, UGHHHHH, that was the WORST and the SADDEST.

Ian Skirkey PH: Excited for this. Had a slight break halfway through which slowed him down a little but once he got back into his rhythm it went really well, Russians into the dismount were especially nice.

3:22 pm. Midway point of the fifth rotation – Yul Moldauer is now 0.5 ahead of Asher Hong in the AA with one rotation left, and it’ll be a big rotation for both of them. Moldauer needs to be at 100% on p-bars…it would be huge for him.

3:21 pm. Anthony Koppie PH: This poor kid has fallen I think three times so far, a bummer to watch. Oh no, he got a 4.650.

Ian Gunther HB 13.600! Puts him second.

Riley Loos HB: Hit some pirouette work at the beginning, we jumped in a little late, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, hit the dismount.

3:18 pm. Shane Wiskus FX: Piked double front with a hop, good landing on the double double. Front double full to front layout. Clean stuck double full down the side. I think a 2.5 to front tuck full, went a little off-line, and dismounts with a triple, another good landing. 13.700

3:17 pm. Fred Richard PB: Saw most of his routine, really good work, the double front dismount was really floaty and well-landed, good height coming off the bars. 14.450

Mike Fletcher PH 13.050

Alex Diab FX 12.800

3:14 pm. Yul Moldauer VT: Kaz 1.5 is a bit short, big hop back. 14.250

3:13 pm. Asher Hong HB: Kolman, got through that, hitting handstands pretty well actually? German giants to stalder, double double layout with a small hop, HELLO! 13.650, one of his best routines?!

3:07 pm. Rotation 4 Standings

1. Asher Hong 56.095
2. Yul Moldauer 55.971
3. Fred Richard 55.190
4. Shane Wiskus 54.250
5. Riley Loos 53.855
6. Mike Fletcher 52.700
7. Ian Gunther 52.652
8. Isaiah Drake 52.650

3:03 pm. Blake Sun PB: Sorry, I’m the worst at typing through routines today, but this has been GORGEOUS, he’s just a step above almost everyone else here. Piked double back with a slight hop on the landing. 15.044 (without bonus, a 14.8)

3:01 pm. Drake Andrews HB: Hit routine from what I saw! 12.900

Cameron Bock VT 13.950

Riley Loos PB 13.350

2:59 pm. Connor McCool FX: Double double half-out, AMAZING! Stuck. Whip to 2.5 to front full was also really nice and he NAILED the landing on the 3.5. Triple full, solid. That was fabulous.

2:58 pm. Mid-rotation break just coming to a close! No massive or must-see scores that I haven’t already talked about below from this rotation.

2:55 pm. Sorry, had to take a break for a second, saw Ian Gunther just in time for him to have the wildest of landings on his p-bars dismount unfortunately! It’s the Roethlisberger, and John Roethlisberger – or Leia Skywalker? – is commentating so that was a bummer.

2:51 pm. Asher Hong PB: Wasn’t typing during this, but he had some great elements, very exact in his finishes out of pirouettes, came down a bit low on the double front half dismount, chest at his knees. 14.700

2:50 pm. Fred Richard VT: Kaz 1.5, soooooo much power! Pretty solid landing as well. 14.000

Taylor Christopulos FX 13.550

Patrick Hoopes PH 14.992

Yul Moldauer SR: I didn’t see this but here’s the score – 14.114!

2:48 pm. Shane Wiskus HB: Kolman, Kovacs, good, layout Tkachev, ugh, misses the catch and comes off. Back on for a straddle Tkachev, blind change to L grip, front full went a bit wild, Tak half, stalder, hop full, almost to vertical there, double double layout with a step back. Good recovery. 12.200

2:45 pm. Curran Phillips PB: Oh I’m excited for this. Love how he mounts the bar. Starts with some difficult pirouette work, slight hip form on some, maybe rushing a little bit? Tiny adjustment out of another pirouette, nothing else super wild to report, just a packed routine, hit the dismount. 15.997! Bonus there for sure, I think the real score would be 15.4.

2:40 pm. Rotation 3 Standings

1. Shane Wiskus 42.050
2. Yul Moldauer 41.857
3. Joshua Karnes 41.400
4. Asher Hong 41.395
5. Fred Richard 41.190
6. Isaiah Drake 41.100
7. Ian Lasic-Ellis 41.050
8. Riley Loos 40.505

2:38 pm. David Shamah PB: I feel like I watched him as a junior for 200 years. Got through this routine with a kind of rough double front, big bounces forward out of it.

Isaiah Drake PB 13.550

2:36 pm. Riley Loos VT: Handspring randi, some form in the air and a bit weak on the landing as well. 14.252

Khoi Young VT: Another handspring randi! This one is mostly beautiful in the air in terms of the stretch, some ankle crossing, but really nice overall and the landing was solid. 14.802

2:33 pm. Halfway point! Some scores…

Joshua Karnes FX 13.750

Jeremy Bischoff VT 14.050

2:31 pm. Fred Richard SR: Maltese to pike hold, out to maltese, drops to inverted hang. Saltos through to straddle hold, had an adjustment at the start of his saltos, swinging a lot in the planche, arched and wobbling in a giant to handstand, next one goes better, double double with a small hop. 13.350

2:29 pm. Shane Wiskus PB: Beginning goes well, slight hand adjustment in a handstand, a little hesitant on a half salto, straddle salto had some nice air, Bhavsar, bent his elbows on the handstand after, Tippelt muscled down, almost crashed it but ended up pushing back to a short handstand, double front with a step forward. Oof, that was a bummer. 14.050

2:26 pm. Yul Moldauer PH: Scissors to handstand down to the swing into his flairs, really on point with this today. Super controlled. Russians on the single handle to circles on both levels, back to flairs, muscles into the dismount a bit but there was very little that went big-wrong with this. 13.957

2:22 pm. Asher Hong VT: Tsuk full-in for his first vault, lands a biiiiit low with a big bounce off to the side, but I blame the extra mat for that bounce, it wasn’t bad! 14.755

Ignacio Yockers PH: I didn’t see this but 14.942! Some bonus I think but love this for him.

2:18 pm. Rotation 2 Standings

1. Alex Diab 28.250
2. Mike Fletcher 28.000
– Shane Wiskus 28.000
4. Yul Moldauer 27.900
5. Fred Richard 27.840
6. Joshua Karnes 27.650
7. Isaiah Drake 27.550
8. Ian Lasic-Ellis 27.350

2:14 pm. Fred Richard PH: Another one I wasn’t able to fully give my attention to but aside from a few little things, especially near the end, this was a solid hit, comes off like thank you lord. 13.357

Isaiah Drake VT 14.150

Shane Wiskus VT 13.750 – E score looks a bit low for his kaz 1.5

2:13 pm. Riley Loos SR: Caught the tail end of this, including a basically stuck double double, one foot was a little iffy so I’m hesitant to be like STUCK COLD but it was pretty solid. 13.953

2:11 pm. Okay, I’m back. As always I’m double-teaming my actual job with this. Some scores while I was gone…

Jeremy Bischoff SR 13.200

Ian Gunther SR 13.800

2:08 pm. I have to run for like two minutes, b to the r to the b!

2:05 pm. Yul Moldauer FX: Randi to start, chest a little forward with a hop, front double full to front layout was great, arabian double front half was landed well. I wasn’t typing for a couple of passes after that, stuck the double full IIRC, and landed the triple at the end really well! Mostly great set. 14.400

2:04 pm. Alex Diab VT: Sat the handspring piked double front, ughhhh. 13.552

2:02 pm. Asher Hong SR: Invert pike is really nice and deep, giant up to inverted cross, slightly leaning back, saltos through to maltese, inverted hang through to maltese, angle is weird for a second but he gets there in the end, inverted hang with a front giant to handstand, swaying a bit, back giant to handstand, little adjustments, double double layout with a big stumble back nearly off the mat. 14.133

2:00 pm. Cameron Bock PH: Handstand pirouette early on down into his circles, pretty solid on the transition, some form in his hips at times, actually gets better as he goes along and finishes really well.

Brandon Dang 14.466 PH

1:59 pm. David Shamah VT: Kaz full, some form in the air, but gets the landing. 13.5

1:55 pm. Rotation 1 Standings

1. Alex Diab 14.698
2. Fred Richard 14.483
3. Mike Fletcher 14.450
4. Joshua Karnes 14.400
5. Taylor Christopulos 14.250
– Shane Wiskus 14.250
7. Connor McCool 14.150
8. Anthony Koppie 13.950

1:52 pm. Riley Loos PH: Wasn’t paying super close attention to this, got a little labored the longer he went, but ultimately a hit. I mean, he stayed on. 12.300 (5.6)

Mike Fletcher 14.450 VT

Matt Cormier 13.450 PB

1:51 pm. Shane Wiskus SR: Planche early on is clean, drops down to maltese, nice transition. Swing up through to maltese, inverted hang to pike, saltos through to straddle sit, presses up to handstand, took him a second to get it straight and he’s swinging a bit, front giant to handstand, back giant to handstand with a little sway, stuck the double double! Little things but amazing ending.

1:49 pm. Fred Richard FX: Double double half-out, CASUAL! Good landing there. Front full to double front, hop forward. Flairs and hop flairs, remember when Max Whitlock said he was gonna do that on pommels?! Years ago. Double double with a tiny bounce. Clean double full. 1.5 to front layout with a hop forward. Full-in with a little check on the landing. King things.

1:48 pm. Alex Diab SR: Maltese, swings through to inverted cross, some form there, handstand had a little bit of form, saltos through to maltese, inverted pike, swings up to planche, legs are really low on that, iron cross, giant up to handstand, form is better there, full-twisting double layout, a bit piked…this was pretty weak for him tbh, but I think he’ll clean it up.

1:47 pm. Joshua Karnes 14.400 PB!

1:45 pm. Midway rotation one warmup!

1:44 pm. Vahe Petrosyan VT: Kaz full, comes up a bit short and takes a big step to the side. 13.350

1:42 pm. Asher Hong PH: REALLY aggressive on his flair work! Wow. Struggles through the Russians on the single handle and drops down but fights his way out of that and keeps on swinging! Another big mistake on his flair work near the end but he saved that as well.

1:38 pm. Some scores that have come in…

Connor McCool 14.150 VT – they just showed this on the broadcast, kaz 1.5 with a little bobble on the landing, not bad!

Anthony Koppie 13.950 VT

Garrett Braunton 13.550 PB

Blake Sun 13.500 PH

1:36 pm. Khoi Young PH: Gets off to a strong start, oh my god, I haven’t done a pommels live blog in MONTHS, this is gonna be a struggle for me. Had a bump when working on the single handle and then came down low to the horse and unfortunately hit his legs and came off. Off again after that, looked like when he was coming out of his Russians. Back on again for the dismount, basically. That was a bummer given his talent here. 11.200 (5.5 D)

1:35 pm. Yul Moldauer HB: Started out with some giants and circle elements before going into his first release, a Kolman, a bit low but he caught it! Tkachev and Rybalko, really late on the latter. Hop full, one-arm giant, and a bit deep on the full-twisting double layout landing, but he had some nice fight throughout that set. 13.400 (5.3 D)

1:34 pm. Things are about to get underway with Yul Moldauer on high bar!

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