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2023 Winter Cup | Junior Women’s All-Around Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for for the junior women’s all-around competition at the 2023 Winter Cup, held in Louisville, Kentucky!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

2:05 pm. Final Standings

1. Hezly Rivera 53.350
2. Jayla Hang 52.300
3. Kieryn Finnell 52.250
4. Zoey Molomo 52.100
5. Gabrielle Hardie 52.050
6. Izzy Stassi 51.800
7. Simone Rose 50.350
8. Claire Pease 49.750

The top seven surpassed the 50 AA score needed to qualify for nationals, while Rivera and Hang have earned automatic spots on the junior worlds team!

2:01 pm. Harlow Buddendeck FX: Goes for a big triple full, still rotating into a hop out of it. Also had a powerful 2.5 to front layout.

1:58 pm. Hezly Rivera will take the gold, ahead of Jayla Hang with silver, and the two earn automatic spots on the junior worlds team!

Kieryn Finnell with an amazing day to take the bronze!

1:55 pm. Izzy Stassi BB: Really strong routine, had a couple of steps out of the flight series, but the rest looked pretty good to me!

Sophia Buechler UB 10.350

Lailah Danzy FX 12.650

Reese Esponda VT 13.000

1:53 pm. Hezly Rivera UB: Inbar full is slightly late, Maloney to stalder to Ricna, Pak, van Leeuwen, great handstand before her toe half to piked Jaeger, full-in OH NOOOOOO, just lands forward and punches forward out of it onto her head, WHY????

1:50 pm. Jayla Hang BB: Switch leap mount, switch half is short and she falls!!!! NOOOOOOO!!! Back tuck with her leg up. Switch to split half to back handspring, a little short on that second jump. Standing loso loso, that was excellent. Side aerial to jump series. Hit the double tuck. 11.900 – still moves into first!

Carly Weinberg BB 12.400

Adele Ossi VT 11.800

Gabriella Pierson UB 10.900

1:47 pm. Audrey Snyder FX: Double layout, a bit short but lands it. Gorgeous 1.5 to front pike. Double tuck with a small hop to finish. 12.200

Ella Kate Parker BB: Side aerial loso, good! Switch ring, walks forward out of it. Full turn. Front aerial to jump series. Switch leap to switch half, a little short there. Double full with a step. 13.000

Tatum Drusch UB 11.900

1:45 pm. Zoey Molomo VT: Yurchenko 1.5, huge hop forward but TONS of power. 13.600

Does a huge GORGEOUS Yurchenko full for her second vault, goodness!!!

1:44 pm. Kieryn Finnell FX: Piked full-in, great landing! Clean double tuck. Hop L turn through to switch side half I believe. 1.5 to front layout with a little step. I do miss her “My Favorite Things” routine! But she’s older and that was cute when she was like 13, her music now is much more mature. Double pike, hop forward. 12.550 (5.0, 7.550)

Isabella Anzola VT 12.800

Charleigh Bullock FX 12.000

1:43 pm. Claire Pease UB: Maloney to Tkachev, nice. Pak is gorgeous. Toe shot, toe half to front giant to straddle Jaeger, double pike, chest a little forward with a step. 12.400 (5.1, 7.300)

1:42 pm. Nicole Desmond VT: Yurchenko 1.5, has to sneak around the half at the end and lands a little short. 13.100

Does a second vault, Yurchenko full, some form.

1:40 pm. Gabrielle Hardie VT: Yurchenko full, small step back. 12.900

Simone Rose BB: Switch to straddle jump, really short there. Front handspring to front tuck. Bhs bhs loso, casual second acro series! Side aerial with a step back and a check to correct. Front aerial, chest down. 2.5 dismount with a little bounce. 12.650 (5.4, 7.250)

Sage Bradford UB 12.100

1:37 pm. So the top two who finish today (born in 2008 and 2009) will earn automatic spots on the junior worlds team – right now that’s Rivera and Hang, which frankly would be an incredible two thirds of a team.

1:30 pm. Rotation 3 Standings

1. Hezly Rivera 40.900
2. Jayla Hang 40.400
3. Kieryn Finnell 39.700
4. Izzy Stassi 39.250
5. Gabrielle Hardie 39.150
6. Zoey Molomo 38.400
7. Simone Rose 37.700
8. Audrey Snyder 37.500

1:25 pm. Addy Fulcher BB: Really cranked a double wolf turn around. Onodi. Didn’t type through the rest but a solid hit!

1:23 pm. Adele Ossi FX: Double pike with a lunge back. 2.5 to punch front. Double tuck, chest down, but feet don’t move. Good job! 11.900

1:22 pm. Lailah Danzy BB: Hit a wolf turn and bhs loso. Unfortunately off on the standing back tuck. BIG double tuck with a solid landing. 11.250

1:21 pm. Zoey Molomo FX: Hit a piked full-in and double pike, and then a front full for her second pass. Little things so far but nothing too bad on the landings. Double tuck at the end was great. Fab routine! 12.550 (4.8, 7.750)

1:18 pm. Izzy Stassi UB: Maloney to clear hip to blind full to Tkachev, excellent series. Big Ray, Pak is super clean, van Leeuwen, she’s doing amazing work, blind change to straddle Jaeger, double layout, small things that will add up but as a whole, this was fantastic. 13.050 (5.4, 7.650)

Isabella Anzola FX 12.600

1:17 pm. Audrey Snyder BB: Love her opening sequence. Full turn, strong bhs loso, just little form things. Doing really nice work with her leaps. Double tuck with her chest down and a small step forward. 13.100 (4.9, 8.200)

Kieryn Finnell BB 13.650 (5.7, 7.950)!!!!

1:16 pm. Jayla Hang UB: Stalder to Ricna, toe full into a lovely Pak, maybe TOO big, van Leeuwen had a weird hip twist moment, double layout with a fabulous landing. 13.700 (5.3, 8.400)!

1:14 pm. Carly Weinberg UB: I wasn’t typing for this, had some big form breaks throughout, she’s not really known for doing big things on bars, but a hit for her is big regardless of how it looks, and she did just that! 11.300

Hezly Rivera VT: Yurchenko double, loses some leg form in the second twist, and lands with her chest a bit down with a step back. 13.650

1:13 pm. Nicole Desmond FX: Double layout full-out, a bit weak in terms of the form and she lands pretty short. Follows it up with a double layout, again with some loose form. Leap series went well. Front tuck through to double tuck with a step. Switch full. 12.700 (5.4, 7.300)

Sophia Buechler VT 12.400

1:12 pm. Ella Kate Parker UB: Ray, Pak with leg and foot form, toe full finishes below horizontal and her legs come apart/maybe hit the mat? Toe shoot, short handstand before the blind change to front giant half, double layout with some leg form and a step. 11.300

Gabrielle Hardie FX 13.100

Gabriella Pierson VT 12.600

1:10 pm. Charleigh Bullock BB: Bhs loso, some bend in her knees throughout. Switch to sissone had better extension. Sdie somi. Full turn. Front aerial with a break to the jump out of it, wobble. Side aerial with a break at the hips. 2.5 with a big step forward. 11.950

Harlow Buddendeck BB 10.950

1:09 pm. Simone Rose UB: Stalder to Ray, nice! Clear hip to blind change to Ezhova, leg form, toe-on to shoot, catches really close and has to muscle it, blind change finishes really late, and a double layout with some leg form and a hop. 12.200

1:07 pm. Claire Pease VT: Yurchenko full, superb landing, tiniest step. 13.250

Tatum Drusch VT: Yurchenko full, twists a bit late and has to whip it around, some leg and hip form, but she lands well. 12.800

1:05 pm. Camie Westerman UB: Toe full, doesn’t make it around, has to regroup at the halfway point, opts to not try it again when she rights herself, goes right into the Maloney series. Tkachev between the bars, hard fall. Back on for a toe shoot, ooh, front toe half, love that, and a double pike with a step. 9.850

Jazmyn Jimenez VT 13.200

Sage Bradford VT 13.050

1:03 pm. Touch for rotation three is underway. No big surprises so far in the standings, but happy that both Finnell and Hardie are doing what they’re capable of so far! Finnell is lovely on beam and floor so hope she gets big hits on both.

12:58 pm. Rotation 2 Standings

1. Hezly Rivera 27.250
2. Jayla Hang 26.700
3. Izzy Stassi 26.200
4. Kieryn Finnell 26.050
– Gabrielle Hardie 26.050
6. Zoey Molomo 25.850
7. Carly Weinberg 25.550
8. Simone Rose 25.500

12:54 pm. Zoey Molomo BB: Switch leap mount. Sissone to split jump, little bobble. Side aerial to layout stepout, lands it on her toes and has to hang on but she does! Gets a little sketchy in the wolf turn, but again fights through. Switch leap, standing back tuck, front aerial, and a big double tuck with a small hop.

12:53 pm. I’m back momentarily…some notable scores in the meantime!

Jayla Hang VT: Yurchenko double. 13.800!

Kieryn Finnell UB 12.700

Audrey Snyder UB 11.300

Gabrielle Hardie BB 12.800

12:43 pm. Okay, I’m very sorry, but I have to run out for a bit unexpectedly and am going to miss part of this meet – hopefully I can jump back in soon!

12:42 pm. Charleigh Bullock UB: I wasn’t typing at the beginning but nothing missed, full-in with a good landing.

12:40 pm. Jazmyn Jimenez FX: Tucked full-in, solid. Clean split jump full. Double pike lands forward and when she pulls back, she ends up falling backwards and sitting.

Ella Kate Parker VT: Does a Yurchenko layout and then tries a Yurchenko full but it lands a bit rough, finishes short, and she limps off. 11.950

12:39 pm. Simone Rose VT: Comes off the table a bit low, lands with her chest slightly forward and she’s a bit piked down. 12.700

12:38 pm. Tyler Turner UB: I missed her release but saw she caught, got the Pak and van Leeuwen, a little hesitant in the blind full, and a double layout with a small hop back. 12.200 (4.8, 7.400)

Camie Westerman VT 12.800

12:37 pm. Hezly Rivera FX: Double layout, excellent and stuck!!! Full-in with a small hop back. Switch to switch full. Triple wolf turn, slow and controlled. Front tuck through to double tuck, small hop back. Switch ring. Finishes with a 2.5. WOW WOW WOW. 13.450 (5.6, 7.850)

12:36 pm. Izzy Stassi VT: Yurchenko full, good landing, really absorbs the mat. Slight knee form but overall very nice. 12.850

12:29 pm. Touch for the second rotation now. Danzy was excellent on vault but the rest of her events aren’t really close to what she can do there, so I anticipate her shifting down in the rankings a bit. Glad to see Hardie start off on a high note – she’s been kind of hit or miss I think, but she has the potential to be right up in the mix with a good day.

12:28 pm. Rotation 1 Standings

1. Hezly Rivera 13.800
– Lailah Danzy 13.800
3. Kieryn Finnell 13.350
4. Gabrielle Hardie 13.250
5. Zoey Molomo 13.200
6. Claire Pease 13.150
7. Audrey Snyder 13.100
8. Tyler Turner 13.000

12:26 pm. Gabriella Pierson BB: Front aerial, bigger wobble on a skill after but I missed what it was, hit the jump series, full turn, double full dismount, some leg form.

12:24 pm. Tatum Drusch BB: Switch to sissone. Front aerial with a wobble and step forward. Switch half is a bit shy of 180. Some knees on the bhs loso. Cross split jump half, little wobble. Side aerial, adjustment. Step out of the punch front tuck. Full turn, walks out of it. 2.5, leg form and a big step forward. Some things throughout but a nice hit! 12.150 (5.0, 7.150)

12:23 pm. Carly Weinberg FX: Stuck double pike! Maybe a little shuffle. Nice. She fought like hell to earn her elite score this year. Front layout to front full, kind of iffy form on both. Solid landing on the double tuck.

12:21 pm. Claire Pease BB: I started at the front aerial, wobbles through it a bit. Jump series to Onodi had some form but she got it. Double tuck, some leg separation, but lands it. 13.150 (5.2, 7.950) – that E seems a bit high especially compared to someone like Rivera, their general technique is vastly different?

Sage Bradford BB 11.950

12:19 pm. Ella Kate Parker FX: Piked full-in, some form and a step back OOB. Triple full, landed it well. Switch ring to tour jeté half. 2.5 to front tuck, sits it, ugh. Split jump full. Double pike, legs apart, but gets it around. 11.300 (4.9, 6.500, -0.1)

12:17 pm. Isabella Anzola UB: Clear hip, blind change with leg form to front giant to straddle Jaeger, stalder, Pak, had to take an extra kip before the toe-on to toe shoot, and the double layout has some form issues but she lands it! 11.550 (4.5, 7.050)

12:16 pm. Simone Rose FX: 1.5 to front double full, ooh, good difficulty! Switch ring to tour jeté half. 2.5 goes a little sideways, still able to punch into a tuck. Triple wolf turn, goes a bit over and has to correct. Double tuck, a little low in the set, but she had a good landing. 12.800 (5.3, 7.500)

Camie Westerman FX 12.600

Jazmyn Jimenez BB 9.800

12:15 pm. Nicole Desmond UB: Ricna, toe full, some form there, Pak with some leg separation, toe shoot, caught a bit close, short handstand before the toe half to front giant half, double tuck with a step. 11.700 (4.4, 7.300)

12:12 pm. Lailah Danzy VT: Yurchenko double full, some form in the air, but a good landing. 13.800

She also did a front pike for her second vault, but she’s too young for junior worlds.

Gabrielle Hardie UB: Maloney to Pak, some leg separation, van Leeuwen, really had to reach for that, beautiful big straddle Jaeger, blind full, and a double layout, little step. That was very good! 13.250 (5.3, 7.950)

Reese Esponda UB 11.850

Izzy Stassi FX 12.800

12:11 pm. Audrey Snyder VT: Yurchenko full with a step back, pretty clean in the air and a solid amount of power. 13.100

Kieryn Finnell VT: Yurchenko full, BEAUTIFUL! And great landing. 13.350

Charleigh Bullock VT 12.900

Adele Ossi UB 11.000

12:08 pm. Hezly Rivera BB: Double wolf turn is very clean. Side aerial. Very nice bhs loso. Beautiful switch to switch half. Front aerial to straddle jump. This is stunning. Switch ring. Deep landing on the double pike, step back, but oh my god this was fantastic. 13.800 (5.5, 8.300)

Tyler Turner VT: Yurchenko full. 13.000 (4.2, 8.900, -0.1)

Sophia Buechler BB 11.650

Harlow Buddendeck VT 12.700

12:06 pm. Jayla Hang FX: Full-in at the start, stuck! Popa, very nice. Switch to switch half. Front full with a step into arabesque. Clean double tuck, she has one kind of flexed foot, but her form is otherwise excellent, strong landing. 12.900 (4.9, 8.000)

Addy Fulcher VT: Yurchenko full, some soft form throughout, but a good landing. 12.900

12:05 pm. Zoey Molomo UB: Stalder to toe full to Maloney to Pak, nice! Van Leeuwen, some leg separation, blind change to straddle Jaeger, some foot form, blind change to double front, step forward. Amazing job! 13.200 (5.4, 7.800)

12:01 pm. I think ones to watch here are probably Zoey Molomo, Jayla Hang, Hezly Rivera, and Audrey Snyder as the top four but everyone’s so close, any falls from this group will mean podium surprises. Izzy Stassi should be interesting now that she changed gyms.

11:58 am. Touch warmup for the first rotation! Live scores are here.

11:55 am. Athletes are being introduced now! National anthem timeeeee.

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