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2023 Junior World Championships | Event Finals Day Two Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for for the second day of event finals at the 2023 Junior World Championships, held in Antalya, Turkey!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

10:02 am. Unfortunately I have to leave and can’t stick around for high bar, but I’ll add results once I’m able to!

10:00 am. Women’s Floor Exercise Final Standings

1. Giulia Perotti, Italy, 12.900
2. Hezly Rivera, United States, 12.833
3. Nakamura Haruka, Japan, 12.800
4. Abigail Martin, Great Britain, 12.533
5. Jayla Hang, United States, 12.500
6. Victoriane Charron, Canada, 12.466
7. Hwang Seohyun, South Korea, 12.400
8. Jemima Taylor, Great Britain, 11.600

9:56 am. Victoriane Charron CAN FX: Front tuck through to 2.5, good! Small hop to the side. Clean double tuck with a small hop. Switch to switch half, couldn’t see the back leg so not sure if it was a ring or not but it may have been. Double wolf turn. Double pike is a little low in the set but she gets it around without an issue, step back. Great routine!

9:52 am. Jayla Hang USA FX: Full-in with a hop/step back. Switch to switch half were really nice. Front full with a step forward. A little wobbly in the wolf turn. Strong double tuck with a step back. 12.500 (4.7, 7.800)

9:48 am. Hwang Seohyun KOR FX: Double tuck, 1.5 to front full, small step. She’s just sunshine and has the whole arena clapping along. Switch ring leap to switch ring half, love that for her. Really had to fight to get the wolf turn around and made a very silly face. Popa. 2.5 with some ankle form and a step, but this was so fun. Everyone in the crowd is so happy about this. 12.400 (4.7, 7.700)

9:44 am. Hezly Rivera USA FX: Double layout, some leg separation in the air and a lunge back, I couldn’t see the boundary/if she went out. Full-in is great! Switch ring to switch full. Double wolf turn. Front tuck through to double tuck with a hop back and then kind of a bobble after. Split ring leap. 2.5 with a step forward. That could do it! 12.833 (5.1, 7.833, -0.1)

So she did go OOB. She did have landing issues but I think they also need to artistry this routine up, this should be a top routine in this field, but compared to athletes like Taylor and Perotti it was a bit flat.

9:43 am. Touch finishing up at the halfway point.

9:39 am. Abi Martin GBR FX: Full-in with a small bounce. Step on the arabian double front. Hit her leap pass after and then a double tuck with a small hop back. I believe she was attempting a front layout stepout through to the double pike at nationals but I’m glad she’s played it safe without that here. Switch half into the corner before a strong double tuck with a hop back. Landing issues and they’re probably hitting her on some dance elements as well but she is certainly one of the best tumblers in this entire field. 12.533 (4.9, 7.633)

9:34 am. Giulia Perotti ITA FX: Triple wolf turn at the start. Double pike with a small bounce back. Little stumble on the double tuck. Y turn, switch ring to split ring leap, switch half. Her choreo is fantastic. Front tuck through to a stuck double full. This was haunting, magical, stunning, every adjective. 12.900 (4.8, 8.100)

9:30 am. Nakamura Haruka JPN FX: Triple wolf turn is nice. 2.5 to front tuck, not bad, just has to center it a bit better. Double pike is strong. Excellent punch out of the 1.5 to front full. Kind of stumbles the Memmel turn around. Double full with a hop back. Fabulous! 12.800 (5.1, 7.700)

9:27 am. Jemima Taylor GBR FX: Double pike is a great start. Love her sassy cute choreo at the beginning, she has so many great moments. 1.5 to front full, unfortunately can’t get it around. Switch ring to switch half. Lands the double tuck well. Shame about that middle pass, I didn’t have her as a medal contender but would’ve liked for her to have a hit after her all-around final mistakes. 11.600 (4.6, 7.000)

9:24 am. Warmups are underway for the first half!

9:17 am. Should get to the WAG floor march-in shortly. I might have to leave after floor, I have to be somewhere at 11 am and think I’m gonna have to miss high bar, unfortunately! There are too many breaks, there’s no need for five apparatus finals to go more than three hours.

9:15 am. Parallel Bars Final Standings

1. Angel Barajas, Colombia, 13.733
– Tsunogai Tomoharu, Japan, 13.733
3. Yahia Zakaria, Egypt, 13.700
4. Erik Baghdasaryan, Armenia, 13.633
– Tanida Masaharu, Japan, 13.633
6. Winston Powell, Great Britain, 13.600
7. Qin Guohuan, China, 12.900
8. Yang Chunjie, China, 12.233

9:12 am. Yang Chunjie CHN PB: Short on a pirouette at the start that he needed to correct for, and then ends up falling out of a pike and muscling the Tippelt a bit. That slip will be the biggest deduction. Double tuck with a hop. 12.233 (4.5, 7.733)

9:09 am. Angel Barajas COL PB: Handstand at the start was nice, full pirouette out just a tiny ankle separation, had to really fight a muscle up on a single rail transition and also was a bit iffy in handstand on a full pirouette after, he’s got lots of little (and some medium) things going wrong throughout but sticks a massive double front half dismount. 13.733 (5.3, 8.433)

Weakest set in the bunch but the highest difficulty moves him to first place in a RIDICULOUSLY close final. Top six are all within a tenth.

9:06 am. Yahia Zakaria EGY PB: Really nice pirouette work with some connections at the start, Bhavsar traveled to the very end, and the Tippelt was really slow and steady going to handstand. Clean double tuck with a baby hop, ooh, I hope this medals! 13.700 (4.7, 9.000)

9:03 am. Tanida Masaharu JPN PB: A bit of a struggle getting to handstand at the beginning, and had a few other small issues after that in his handstand shapes. Bhavsar and the handstand out were nice. Tippelt was a bit muscled. Arched over on a half pirouette. Double pike with a hop forward. 13.633 (5.1, 8.533)

That moves him into second place on the live scores, tied with Baghdasaryan who had a much higher E. Guess they’re not breaking ties on E score here?

9:00 am. Touch for the second half!

8:57 am. Qin Guohuan CHN PB: Had a few moments that seemed a bit rushed out of pirouettes but other skills were strong. Unfortunately had a hard fall on the double pike dismount, his pike shape was BRILLIANT but he maybe overrotated a bit and ended up rolling to his back. 12.900 (4.8, 8.100)

8:54 am. Winston Powell GBR PB: Pike sit, clean press to handstand, slow and steady, slight arch over on the kip cast after, Makuts had tiny form breaks, little adjustment in the next handstand, one-arm pirouette to half pirouette, maybe the tiniest bit short, and a stuck double tuck! He had a few of the tiniest things throughout but is a beautiful p-bars worker overall, this is like the calmest routine I’ve ever seen. 13.600 (4.5, 9.100)

8:52 am. Tsunogai Tomoharu JPN PB: Beginning was nice, floated through a pirouette, had little hand adjustments in handstand before the Bhavsar, maybe arched slightly in the Tippelt but not bad, and a double pike dismount with a step back. 13.733 (4.9, 8.833)

8:47 am. Erik Baghdasaryan ARM PB: Clean pike sit to press handstand, very fluid movement, a little short on the next handstand, but moves well into the Bhavsar, maybe doesn’t hold the handstand after long enough. Tippelt is clean. Front pirouette out, then solid half pirouette. Double back dismount, fabulous! 13.633 (4.6, 9.033)

8:43 am. Touch warmups are underway!

8:41 am. NOW they’re marching out for p-bars. Let’s goooo.

8:36 am. Just kidding apparently? There’s been a lull with nothing happening since the first ceremonies ended. I have to leave in 90 minutes so let’s get a move-on.

8:30 am. Athletes should be marching out for p-bars shortly!

8:20 am. Medal ceremonies for the first two now.

8:15 am. Balance Beam Final Standings

1. Yu Hanyue, China, 13.133
2. Alexia Vanoaga, Romania, 12.833
3. Cristella Brunetti-Burns, Canada, 12.600
4. Yamaguchi Sara, Japan, 12.400
5. Yang Ko-Wen, Taiwan, 11.733
6. Vanesa Masova, Czechia, 11.366
7. Marlene Gotthardt, Germany, 11.333
8. Giulia Perotti, Italy, 10.933

8:12 am. Giulia Perotti ITA BB: This leo looks so punk with the neon green lace and the black, hilarious, obsessed. Back roll up into her leap series and then a bhs bhs loso with a break at the hips and a fall. Nooooo, I really wanted her to medal here. Off again on the side somi. Hit the 1.5 dismount with a hop forward.

8:06 am. Cristella Brunetti-Burns CAN BB: Candle mount. Clean double wolf turn. Side aerial loso loso, hips looked off at the end which turned her upper body around but her core control to pull them back to center was incredible. Leap series to Korbut was nice. Switch leap to sissone, a little low, little bobble. 1.5 dismount with a small step forward. This was great! Really long wait for her score. 12.600 (5.2, 7.400)

8:02 am. Yang Ko-Wen TWN BB: Side aerial to back handspring, wobbles out of it and ends up coming off. Switch leap to split jump to straddle jump, slightly short on all three but hit well. Split jump full, that was nice. Clean front aerial. Simple but fun dismount, cartwheel to tucked barani, hop forward. 11.733 (4.7, 7.033)

8:00 am. Alexia Vanoaga ROU BB: I stepped away for 30 seconds and missed basically this whole routine? Based on the replay she had a fantastic flight series, a nice Korbut right into a back roll, good front aerial, and a double full with some leg form and a small hop. Really nice from what I did see! 12.833 (4.6, 8.233)

7:58 am. Touch for the second half now!

7:54 am. Vanesa Masova CZE BB: Hit the leap mount well. Oh my god, the bhs loso has a wild wobble and she fights for a solid 10 seconds to save it, that was fantastic. Switch to switch half, good. Split jump to wolf jump. NOOOOO, ends up too far back on the side somi and falls there, I’m sad. Double wolf turn was fine. Front layout full with a lunge forward. 11.366 (5.0, 6.366)

7:51 am. Marlene Gotthardt GER BB: Switch leap mount, iffy landing with her leg coming up. Double wolf turn is a little shaky. Also some nerves on the side aerial which has a bobble. As does the bhs loso, but she can’t hold this one, ends up falling unfortunately. The rest goes well,  hits the dismount, a front layout full with a little hop, but that was a bummer after what she did in qualifications and the all-around! 11.333 (4.8, 6.533)

7:47 am. Yu Hanyue CHN BB: Textbook layout stepout mount. Gorgeous roundoff layout. Cross split jump. Side aerial, slight adjustment but so precise otherwise. Switch leap to straddle jump to back handspring, perfect. Side somi, little wobble but corrects quickly. Double wolf turn, little check at the end but corrects again. Double tuck, lunge back. WELL! 13.133 (5.4, 7.733)

7:43 am. Yamaguchi Sara JPN BB: Switch leap mount, gorgeous, to split ring leap to Korbut, very nice series. PERFECT triple wolf turn. But then she is a little off directionally on the front aerial and has a fall. Hit a clean jump series, and a bhs loso with a slight hip check. Switch ring, break at the hips. Side somi is nice. Double full, deep landing with a bit of a stumble forward. 12.400 (5.6, 6.800)

7:40 am. Moving quickly into the women’s beam final!

7:38 am. Men’s Vault Final Standings

1. Tommaso Brugnami, Italy, 14.133
2. Victor Canuel, Canada, 14.016
3. Szilard Zavory, Hungary, 13.883
4. Maxim Kovalenko, Germany, 13.833
5. Alperen Ege Avci, Turkey, 13.583
6. Daniel Trifonov, Bulgaria, 13.166
7. Jakob Kvamsøe, Norway, 13.150
8. Kamiyama Haruto, Japan, 12.049

7:34 am. Victor Canuel CAN VT: Huge Yurchenko double, SUPER clean in the air, just a hop back on the landing, but this was VERY nice. 14.033 (4.8, 9.233)

Goes for a kaz full and it’s FANTASTIC!!!! Almost sticks it, just takes a baby step. WOW! 14.000 (4.8, 9.200)

14.016 average, and he’ll get the silver medal!

7:30 am. Tommaso Brugnami ITA VT: Yurchenko 2.5, huge and SO clean. Goes off to the side so he lands with a foot OOB and then takes a little hop forward but that landing was almost perfect. Like, it COULD have been perfect and probably is perfect a lot of the time. 14.400 (5.2, 9.300, -0.1)

Second vault is a lovely kaz full, loses some leg form in the air on that one when he approaches the landing and takes a big hop back but also very strong. 13.866 (4.8, 9.066)

14.133 average moves him to first!

7:26 am. Daniel Trifonov BUL VT: NOOOOOOOO, goes for a kaz full, it’s GORGEOUS, just stunning, but he ends up a bit short and he can’t stop himself putting his hands down when he propels forward on the landing. Devastating. 12.600 (4.8, 7.900, -0.1)

Absolutely MASSIVE Yurchenko double. And also gorgeous in the air. Big lunge back. 13.733 (4.8, 9.033, -0.1)

13.166 average

7:22 am. Jakob Kvamsøe NOR VT: Big kaz full, a bit short on the landing and he takes a step back when he pulls his chest up but it was decent in the air. 13.500 (4.8, 8.700)

Second vault is just a kaz, mostly really clean and he almost flairs it out, takes a big step back. 12.800 (4.0, 8.800)

13.150 average

7:19 am. Touch warm-up for the second half!

7:15 am. Alperen Ege Avci TUR VT: I didn’t see his entry, kaz full maybe? But it looked like a good vault, just a hop forward, not bad! Form in the air was pretty solid. 13.900 (4.8, 9.100)

Ooh, beautiful second vault, just a simple kaz but it’s GORGEOUS. Just lacks a bit of power. 13.266 (4.0, 9.266)

13.583 average

7:11 am. Szilard Zavory HUN VT: Kaz 1.5, and it’s pretty strong! Leg form on the pre-flight and he’s a little off-center, big step forward and OOB. 14.000 (5.2, 8.900, -0.1)

Very strong on the Yurchenko double as well. Again moves a bit to the side in the air and ends up hopping back but it’s pretty good. 13.766 (4.8, 8.966)

13.883 average

7:06 am. Maxim Kovalenko GER VT: Yurchenko double, some soft form in his knees at times but landed well! 13.966 (4.8, 9.166)

Second vault is a kaz full, also some form throughout but also landed well! 13.700 (4.8, 8.900)

13.833 average

7:01 am. Kamiyama Haruto JPN VT: Handspring randi, a little deep with a knee bend down but it’s not bad, and it’s a massive vault! 14.333 (5.6, 8.733)

Goes for a handspring double front for the second vault but doesn’t get the block at ALL and isn’t close to getting it around, sadly. Only gets half of the second flip there before sitting it. He was supposed to do a Dragulescu, in the replay his block is SCARY. Oh, he looks so sad. 9.766 (2.4, 7.366)

12.049 average

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