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2023 DTB Team Challenge | Senior Men’s Team Final Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for for the senior men’s team final at the 2023 DTB Team Challenge, held in Stuttgart, Germany!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. United States 258.800
2. Japan 253.950
3. Turkey 247.350
4. Italy 245.750
5. Switzerland 243.900
6. France 243.250
7. Great Britain 240.550
8. Canada 240.000
9. Brazil 239.600
10. Germany II 239.250
11. Israel 234.400
12. Germany I 231.550
13. Spain 230.500
14. Australia 224.600

2:20 pm. Carlo Hörr GER PH: Moved very well through the beginning, flexed feet throughout and starts rushing near the end which causes some minor form breaks, but another hit! The Germany 2 team is supposed to be the weaker of the two German teams here but they’re doing really well and I think will beat the A team! 13.350

2:19 pm. Clay Mason Stephens AUS FX 13.150

Kerem Sener TUR HB 13.000

Taha Serhani SUI PB 14.350

Adam Tobin GBR 13.300

2:18 pm. Milan Hosseini GER PH: Scissors through to circles, Russians on the single pommel, transitions well, some floppy hips but cleans them up for Russians, some leg separation when traveling, Russians at the end of the horse into the dismount, good work! 13.000

2:15 pm. Leonard Prügel GER PH: Scissors, circles move well, hit routine!

Here are Japan’s scores from their parallel bars rotation (we didn’t see any routines on the stream):

Hasegawa Tsuyoshi 14.800

Doi Ryosuke 14.150

Tanigawa Kakeru 12.850

Hashimoto Daiki 4.300 – um, hello? This scares me, especially because he didn’t vault.

2:13 pm. Live scores are still down but they just showed a 258.800 for the U.S. men! Incredible. Now do this again in six months!

2:08 pm. Brody Malone USA HB: Zou Li Min, MASSIVE Cassina, oh god, big Kolman as well, layout Tkachev, blind change to front giant, Tk full in perfect vertical, Tak half in perfect vertical, hop full almost in perfect vertical, oh my GOD??? Double double layout with a hop back. MY GOD those comebacks after Asher Hong, I’m literally crying as if they just won worlds, this is a new era of USA MAG.

2:05 pm. Fred Richard USA HB: Huge Cassina, Kolman also big, kinda looked laid out at the end, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, blind change for front giant work, Tak full almost vertical, Tak half is good, hop full is a little late, double double layout stuck, slight squat with his feet apart.

Live scores just went down again FYI!

2:03 pm. Shane Wiskus USA HB: Kolman, Kovacs, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, Tak full, slightly late but not bad, zou Li Min, muscles out of it but good correction, Tak half, stalder, hop full, lovely there, and a double double layout, deep with a hop. 13.750 (5.7, 8.050)

Doi Ryosuke JPN PB: 14.150 (5.9, 8.250)

2:01 pm. Patrick Correa BRA FX: Got the double double but sat the double front. Full-in landed well. Double full down the length. 2.5 to front layout had some leg form throughout. Arabian double front is deep but landed.

William Emard CAN PH: 12.500

Cameron-Lie Bernard FRA SR: 13.150

Tanigawa Kakeru JPN PB: 12.850 (5.4, 7.450)

1:59 pm. Asher Hong USA HB: Just as I was gushing on Twitter about how amazing the U.S. team looks right now, Asher Hong had a hard fall on a release here, I didn’t see what, just saw him hit the mat. PLEASE!!! They cut away right after but he’s remounting. Straddle Tkachev, some elbow bend on the catch, Tak full is really late, German giants to stalder, double double layout with a hop. I think he fell twice? 10.300

1:56 pm. Rotation 6 Standings

1. Italy 245.750
2. Germany I 231.550
3. United States 216.700
4. Japan 212.150
5. Turkey 207.900
6. Canada 205.700
7. France 202.450
8. Switzerland 201.300
9. Great Britain 200.550
10. Germany II 200.200
11. Brazil 200.100
12. Israel 193.350
13. Spain 190.100
14. Australia 184.250

1:53 pm. Andreas Toba GER HB: Tak full, late finish, Tak half is nice, Kolman, Kovacs, no big problems with either, layout Tkachev, gets most of the bigger pirouette elements without issue, double double layout dismount, wobble, chest forward, hop, some problems, but a hit that they needed. 13.200 (5.7, 7.500)

1:51 pm. Milan Hosseini GER FX: Nice 2.5 to front layout and double double, hop back there. Strong 3.5 to barani. 1.5 to front double full I think? I missed the entry. Triple full, almost stuck, just wobbles his arms a bit. 13.900 (5.6, 8.300)

Cameron Lynn GBR PH: 12.150

Taha Serhani SUI VT: 13.700 (4.8, 8.900)

Adem Asil TUR PB: 13.650 (5.6, 8.050)

1:49 pm. Dario Sissakis GER HB: Ooof, weird piked Kovacs that catches with form issues and really close, Tka full, legs fully apart and he has no chance at saving this, hops off. Back on for an Endo, Endo full that finishes basically under the bar, Tak half (a little short), then tucks his legs in his giants into the dismount and just hops off, he’s done. Welp. 9.600 (3.6, 6.000)

Kerem Sener TUR PB: 14.150

1:48 pm. Adam Tobin GBR PH: 11.750

Ibrahim Colak TUR PB: 13.750 (4.9, 8.850) – okay sir!

1:45 pm. Pascal Brendel GER HB: Hit what I saw, had a few little mishaps throughout including on the dismount. 12.850 (5.0, 7.850)

Lucas Kochan GER HB: Really solid routine, big double double layout dismount!

1:42 pm. Sorry, I’m just following the stream, thus the lack of attention to non-USA and JPN events. Some top scores on each event…

William Emard CAN FX: 14.450

Sam Zakutney CAN FX: 13.300

Lucas Desanges FRA PH: 13.450

Jim Zona FRA PH: 12.450

Pavel Gulidov ISR SR: 13.300

Lay Giannini ITA HB: 13.100

1:40 pm. Yul Moldauer USA PB: Tried to watch what I could, he was a bit deep on the dismount and had a couple of brief moments where things were slightly questionable, but it was all pretty minor? Just a bunch added up. 14.300 (6.5, 7.800)

1:38 pm. Asher Hong USA PB: Big hit from him, it kind of looked like he hit his foot on the full-in dismount? But everything else was strong from what I saw. And the score doesn’t reflect his foot hitting anything, I don’t think! 14.700 (6.0, 8.700)

1:34 pm. Fred Richard USA PB: Nice work at the start with his big salto elements. Bhavsar was strong, Tippelt was clean, double front a little low but stuck! This team is straight fire right now. 14.900 (5.8, 9.100)!!

Looks like Japan only put up those three on vault, unless the live scores are wrong.

1:33 pm. Doi Ryosuke JPN VT: Shewfelt, nearly perfect in the air, good landing, just a small step back. Surprising that he didn’t get more distance, that’s the biggest thing holding him back I think. 14.400 (5.2, 9.200)

Kenji Tamane CAN FX: 13.150 – looks like he’s thankfully not injured after that high bar situation!

Shane Wiskus USA PB: 14.750 (6.0, 8.750)!!

1:32 pm. Hasegawa Tsuyoshi JPN VT: Kaz 1.5, more power than the last one, again with some slight leg form throughout, big step to the side OOB. 13.900 (5.2, 8.800, -0.1)

1:30 pm. Tanigawa Kakeru JPN VT: Kaz 1.5, some leg from in pre-flight and more minor in post, lands a little short, ends up taking a hop forward to hold it up. 14.150 (5.2, 8.950)

1:29 pm. Rotation 5 Standings

1. Italy 206.900
2. Brazil 200.100
3. Germany I 192.000
4. Australia 184.250
5. United States 172.350
6. Japan 169.700
7. Turkey 165.650
8. Canada 164.700
9. France 164.550
10. Great Britain 163.350
11. Switzerland 160.200
12. Germany II 159.450
13. Israel 154.650
14. Spain 152.600

1:27 pm. Andreas Toba GER PB: Wasn’t typing during any of this but it was a good routine, and what they needed. Double pike dismount had a hop but overall this was pretty solid. 13.600 (5.3, 8.300)

1:23 pm. Pascal Brendel GER PB: Went to do a pike up to handstand but got stuck halfway through and had to really work to muscle that up. Bhavsar, little adjustments in the handstand out of it, Tippelt, legs apart in a full pirouette, OOF, missed the timing for the double back dismount and ended up just doing a single back pike. 12.150

1:20 pm. Dario Sissakis GER PB: Nice handstand to start, messy legs on a pirouette after, OUCH, hit his legs hard on the bar while coming down from the Makuts, came off after that. Walked a bit out of a full pirouette and was short on a half after, pike sit pressed to a nice handstand, double pike with a small hop.

Harry Hepworth GBR FX: 12.850

Florian Langenegger SUI SR: 13.150

Adem Asil TUR VT: 14.100 (4.8, 9.300) – looks like he’s downgraded?

1:18 pm. I missed Germany’s first p-bars routine. Jumping back over to watch now!

1:14 pm. I think scores are back.

Leo Saladino FRA FX: 13.550

Ilia Liubimov ISR PH: 13.450

Alexander Myakinin ISR PH: 13.400

Tanigawa Kakeru JPN SR: 13.450

Hasegawa Tsuyoshi JPN SR: 13.100

Doi Ryosuke JPN SR: 12.600

Asher Wong USA VT: 14.875 average

Fred Richard USA VT: 14.575 average

Mario Macchiati ITA PB: 14.500

1:13 pm. Touch for the second half of rotation five!

1:12 pm. Hashimoto Daiki JPN SR: Saw the second half of this routine, he looked SUPER sharp and controlled. Opened up nicely for the double double dismount, just a small hop back. 14.100

1:09 pm. Marco Sarrugerio ITA PB: Really nice work in his pirouettes so far, Bhavsar, Tippelt with a clean handstand, little adjustment at the end, short on a half pirouette, double pike, lunge forward. 14.350

1:07 pm. Patrick Correa BRA HB: Zou Li Min, Kovacs, layout Tkachev, minor form on both, straddle Tkachev was nice, blind change to front giant, Tak, can’t get it to handstand and falls back out of it, ends up hopping off. Rushes through the Tak this time, gets a Tak half with some form, stalder, and a double double layout dismount, deep with a lunge forward.

1:05 pm. The third guy up for Brazil had a gorgeous high bar set, including a stuck dismount! Couldn’t tell who it was from the stream but it should be a nice score!

1:04 pm. Live scores are down which is fun for trying to figure out who’s who.

1:03 pm. Yuri Guimarães BRA HB: Saw him catch a couple of releases, Tak, Endo, stalder, floaty full-twisting double layout with a small hop.

1:01 pm. Jim Zona FRA FX: 13.800

Fred Richard USA VT: 14.700 (5.2, 9.500) – wish we saw this!!

1:00 pm. Murilo Pontedura BRA HB: Zou Li Min, Tak half was really late, Kovacs was nice, piked Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, stalder, one-arm giant, full-twisting double layout, good landing. Good routine! 12.850 (4.7, 8.150)

12:58 pm. Rotation 4 Standings

1. Canada 164.700
2. Italy 164.500
3. Brazil 160.550
4. Germany II 159.450
5. Germany I 153.950
6. Australia 149.100
7. Japan 129.050
8. United States 127.400
9. Great Britain 124.000
10. France 123.650
11. Turkey 122.650
12. Switzerland 120.100
13. Spain 117.050
14. Israel 115.250

12:56 pm. Ibrahim Colak TUR SR: The opposite of a planche up to maltese, had a couple of things that I did not type quickly enough when I was trying to remember what the opposite of a planche was called (I failed), nice pike through to iron cross, a little short and muscly on one of the handstands at the end, piked double front with a tiny bounce. 14.600 (6.2, 8.400)

12:52 pm. Adem Asil TUR SR: Wasn’t typing during most of this but he did great work until the dismount, lands the double double low and has major stumbles forward out of it. 14.400 (6.3, 8.100)

Mehmet Ayberk Kosak TUR SR: 14.350 (6.0, 8.350)

Pau Jimenez ESP FX: 14.150

12:49 pm. Dario Sissakis GER VT: Double front, deep but doesn’t sit!

Milan Hosseini GER HB: Jumped in late on this one, saw the layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, some form coming out of it, stalder, hop full, Rybalko finished a bit late, double double layout stuck with his chest down.

12:48 pm. Alexander Kunz GER HB: I saw him catch a couple of Tkachev elements, Tak was clean, some front giants in L grip, Endo, full-twisting double layout, slight pike and a hop back.

Another German with a Kaz 1.5 situation, they are really not having a great time with those.

12:47 pm. Andreas Toba GER VT: I think he also went for a Kaz 1.5, was a bit short for the landing, big stumble back, but I didn’t see his hands go down?

12:46 pm. Lucas Kochan GER VT: Kaz 1.5, too far back on his heels, sits it.

12:40 pm. Asher Hong USA SR: Joined this routine a little late on the stream but what I saw was good. Stuck the double double layout dismount! 14.500 (5.9, 8.650)

Sam Zakutney CAN HB: 14.200 (5.8, 8.400)

Vault scores are only showing averages, by the way, that’s why I’ve been ignoring it unless I happen to see something on the stream.

12:39 pm. Hashimoto Daiki JPN PH: Flairs with the most amazing changes in direction, scissors to handstand went a bit short and his leg form coming down was awkward, but corrected before circles on the single pommel, goes across in Russians, then circles into flairs, some hip pike in the circles right before the dismount, which goes slightly wild, but a hit! 14.600 (6.0, 8.600)

Brody Malone USA SR: 14.100 (5.6, 8.500)

12:35 pm. Doi Ryosuke JPN PH: Legs came apart in the circles on the single pommel, tried to fight it but ended up hitting his leg against the horse and had to come off. Started okay when he remounted but was awkward in his flairs, hit his leg again and came off. At least they can drop a set. Travels in Russians, legs apart again but corrects this time. Seems to have calmed down for the end of this. Good into the dismount. 11.300

William Emard CAN HB: 12.450

Yuri Guimarães BRA PB: 13.150

Félix Dolci CAN HB: 14.350 (6.0, 8.350)!

12:34 pm. Oh no, just a 4.250 for Kenji Tamane of Canada on high bar, looks like 5 points in ND so he must have stopped his routine early…I hope he’s okay!

Marco Lodadio ITA VT: 14.250 (5.2, 9.050)

Tanigawa Kakeru JPN PH: 14.600 (6.4, 8.200)

12:32 pm. Yul Moldauer USA SR: Inverted hang up to maltese, straight position, inverted pike swings up to planche, really muscly to get a giant around to handstand, maybe a little short, rolls through to maltese, inverted hang into the saltos to iron cross, opens nicely into that, good handstand work, double double with a hop back. 13.800 (5.8, 8.000)

12:30 pm. Hasegawa Tsuyoshi JPN PH: Had a muscle up into a scissor handstand and his legs came apart a bit wildly on a the one-arm circle, more little leg form breaks throughout, he’s moving super fast though so he kind of covers them up with how quickly he gets past them? WILD handstand pirouette into the dismount, kind of all over the place but a hit! 13.550 (5.9, 7.650)

12:29 pm. Shane Wiskus USA SR: Planche, some hip form, down to maltese, inverted hang to maltese, salto elements up to straddle sit, presses to handstand, pretty good, front giant to handstand, back giant to handstand, little adjustment, double double with a step back. 14.000 (5.5, 8.500)

12:28 pm. Rotation 3 Standings

1. Great Britain 124.000
2. Canada 123.700
3. France 123.650
4. Italy 122.400
5. Germany II 121.950
6. Brazil 121.400
7. Germany I 113.950
8. Australia 110.900
9. Japan 86.300
10. United States 84.750
11. Switzerland 83.450
12. Turkey 79.200
13. Spain 78.000
14. Israel 77.600

12:27 pm. I think I missed basically everything in that rotation but from what I could see on the stream when I had a chance to glance over, it was just mostly the Germans on rings, not a standout event for them.

12:26 pm. Switzerland doing some great work on floor! Another good score from Noe Seifert just now with a 14.050.

Adem Asil TUR PH: 12.900

Luke Whitehouse GBR HB: 12.700

Ferhat Arican TUR PH: 13.800

12:23 pm. Some scores…

Taha Serhani SUI FX: 14.150

Florian Langenegger SUI FX: 14.000

Mehmet Ayberk Kosak TUR PH: 12.150

Lucas Kochan GER SR: 13.150

Leonard Prügel GER PB: 13.750

Adam Tobin GBR HB: 13.250

Pavel Karnejenko GBR HB: 12.750

12:22 pm. Sorry, had to step away again, IT’S A BUSY DAY!

12:16 pm. Moving into the second half of this rotation shortly!

12:12 pm. Top high bar score for France was a 13.600 from Mathias Philippe, and top p-bars score for Canada was Félix Dolci with a 14.100.

12:11 pm. Yul Moldauer USA PH: Caught this just as he was coming off sadly. Mounts and goes immediately into flairs, the rest of the routine was really nice, bummer about the fall.

Fred Richard USA PH: 13.600

Marco Lodadio ITA SR: 14.600

Marco Sarrugerio ITA SR: 14.300

12:09 pm. Doi Ryosuke JPN FX: I missed his first pass but he hit, next was a front full to front triple full! 2.5 to randi, 3.5, amazing landing, I’m yelling, this is so good. Front full to front double full. Stuck the triple to finish. 14.900 (6.2, 8.700)

12:08 pm. Mario Macchiati ITA SR: 13.450

Edoardo de Rosa ITA SR: 13.250

12:05 pm. Hasegawa Tsuyoshi JPN FX: Piked double front, I think a front double full to front layout, 2.5 to front full, triple to finish, I think I missed one in there but this was a solid exercise.

Asher Hong USA PH: 14.250 (5.7, 8.550) OKAY SIR?

Tanigawa Kakeru JPN FX: 14.250 (5.4, 8.850)!

Brody Malone USA PH: 13.850 (5.8, 8.050)

12:02 pm. William Emard CAN PB: Pike to handstand, came out of a full pirouette with some adjustments and leg form breaks, then muscled a handstand after, big straddle salto, a little slow in the double front but gets the landing. 13.150

12:00 pm. Kenji Tamane CAN PB: Pike to handstand, took a second to get there but it’s very nice when he does, Healy arches over slightly, Diamidov, little adjustment, pike sit pressed to handstand, had a big muscle up in a basket to handstand, good double front dismount. 13.500

11:58 am. Rotation 2 Standings

1. Great Britain 85.300
2. France 83.300
3. Canada 82.950
4. Germany II 81.600
5. Italy 80.050
6. Brazil 78.550
7. Spain 78.000
8. Israel 77.600
9. Germany I 74.150
10. Australia 72.350

For teams that have only done one rotation, it’s…

Japan 43.100
United States 43.050
Switzerland 41.250
Turkey 40.450

11:56 am. Adam Tobin GBR PB: Caught the beginning, good work, Tippelt and big straddle salto, very nice on both, Healy, Diamidov, a little short on the Stutz, piked double back with a small hop.

11:55 am. Adem Asil TUR FX: 14.000

Luke Whitehouse GBR PB: 14.250

11:54 am. David Tanner AUS SR: Iron cross, inverted hang up to pike sit, front giant into the saltos to straddle sit, good control for the most part, press to handstand has minor adjustments, back giant to handstand, again tiny movements, front giant to handstand is a little better, and has a great landing on the piked double front dismount, small step, but great rotation in that!

11:51 am. Pascal Brendel GER PH: A very heavily German stream like last year. Good transition from the scissors into the circles, everything is mostly okay here, travels in Russians, went over in the handstand into the dismount way too early and that’s a mistake, but at least it’s a hit! 12.950

11:47 am. Glenn Trebing GER PH: Had a lot of struggles with keeping his legs together and straight throughout the entire beginning of this routine, kept trying to correct, but ultimately his rhythm never gets on pace and he has to hop off.  Similar issues when he remounts, he’s going to get massive leg form deductions for almsot every skill. Travels in circles almost get there without drama but then his legs split at the very end, also can’t fix that before the dismount so he hops off again. Well, that was a certainly a pommel horse situation.

Tom Schultze GER VT: Sat his handspring double front.

Ibrahim Colak TUR FX: 13.250

Heath Thorpe AUS SR: 12.900

Pavel Karnejenko GBR PB: 13.450

11:46 am. Alexander Kunz GER VT: Sat his handspring double front.

11:44 am. Andreas Toba GER PH: Had a moment coming down from a scissor element where his legs went a bit awry, and overall his form isn’t as tight as you can usually expect from him. Had a significant muscle into the dismount, including a pike/straddle down from handstand. 13.000

11:42 am. It’s the touch for the second half of this rotation. Some additional scores…

Edoardo de Rosa ITA PH: 14.200
Mario Macchiati ITA PH: 13.050

Tom Schultze GER SR: 13.700
Alexander Kunz GER SR: 13.300

Mathias Philippe FRA PB: 14.200
Léo Saladino FRA PB: 14.050

Unfortunately looks like a miss for Cameron-Lie Bernard on PB, just a 13.450 for what is typically a 14.5+ for him on a good day.

11:41 am. Okay, I’m back! I missed a lot of the U.S. on floor, here are some scores:

Yul Moldauer USA FX: 14.500
Shane Wiskus USA FX: 14.300
Asher Hong USA FX: 14.150
Fred Richard USA FX: 14.050

DAMN, all of this happened in eight minutes?!?!?

11:33 am. I’m gonna have to run away for like five minutes but I think they’re about to show rings so I’m not mad about it. See you in a few!

Before I go…

Yuri Guimaraes BRA SR: 13.000

11:32 am. Lucas Desanges FRA PB: Nice mount, Makuts was also really good, pike up to handstand, Healy arched the tiniest bit, Stutz, Diamidov, double front rotated really slowly but he got it around with a small hop.

11:29 am. Rotation 1 Standings

1. Great Britain 43.400
2. Japan 43.100
3. France 41.350
4. Switzerland 41.250
5. Germany II 40.300
6. Canada 40.250
– Italy 40.250
8. Spain 40.100
9. Brazil 39.200
10. Israel 38.600
11. Germany I 37.100
12. Australia 34.250

Is the USA the only team that hasn’t gone?

11:28 am. I guess that’s the first rotation…I think they have too many teams and so some teams were in a bye for the first rotation? In that case we’ll have seven rotations total.

11:27 am. David Tanner AUS PH: Oh, we only got to see the very end, good push up to the dismount I guess!

11:24 am. Dario Sissakis GER FX: Double double, big hop back, OOB. I missed the next two, sorry, I’m double teaming this with my job hehe, but I think he had a 3.5 for the first one? He hit both…also hit a double full down the side. 2.5 to front full is good. Triple full with a little bounce back. He has really nice twisting form!

Taha Serhani SUI HB: 14.200 (5.9, 8.300)

11:21 am. Harry Hepworth GBR VT: Handspring double front half, really strong, good on the landing. 14.850 (5.6, 9.250)

Pascal Brendel GER FX: Only saw the last pass, an underrotated triple full, hands down. 11.300

Pavel Karnejenko GBR VT: Crashed the one they showed sadly!

Live scores are impossible to follow because they just put everyone in rankings and only include the top six on the main live scores page that shows every event, very annoying, but I’ll try to share scores, especially if I see something good.

11:20 am. Carlo Hörr GER SR: Again wasn’t typing, I’m apparently not feeling rings today, he had a few moments where he needed to adjust his body position, double front pike dismount had a small hop.

11:19 am. Luke Whitehouse GBR VT: OOOOH, stuck a handspring double front! I feel like we NEVER get to see that hahaha. Amazing. 14.700 (5.2, 9.500)!!!

11:17 am. Milan Hosseini GER SR: Wasn’t quick hitting, just had minor form things throughout and a couple of iffy handstands, but the dismount was strong. 12.950

11:16 am. The vault scores are a mess and aren’t showing up for me.

Gabriel Barbosa BRA PH: 13.500

Kenji Tamane CAN SR: 12.550

11:13 am. Hashimoto Daiki JPN HB: Tak half was good, Cassina to Kolman, yes! Layout to straddle Tkachev also good. Tak full almost to vertical, maybe 30 ish degrees short? Stalder, hop full, double double layout with a tiny hop back. Amazing! 14.700 (6.2, 8.500)

Marco Lodadio ITA FX: 13.650

11:11 am. Some scores!

Félix Dolci CAN SR: 13.850

William Emard CAN SR: 13.150

Lay Giannini ITA FX: 13.600

Patrick Correa BRA PH: 12.400

11:10 am. Doi Ryosuke JPN HB: Cassina, some leg form, quick on the catch, stalder 1.5 was really late, tak full was pretty late as well, tak half about 45 degrees short of handstand, Kolman was a little late to get around but he caught without issue, hop full, German giants, almost finishes in handstand, double double layout was deep but stuck! Lots of problems in there that need to be cleaned up but it’s good overall and he’s happy! 14.550

Ilia Liubimov ISR PB: 13.700

11:07 am. We jumped in halfway through Edoardo de Rosa’s floor so I didn’t see a ton of it but what I saw was fine. He had a 12.8.

Sam Zakutney CAN SR: 13.250

Léo Saladino FRA VT: 13.750

Eliran Ioscovich ISR PB: 13.550

Uri Zeidel ISR PB: 11.350

Hasegawa Tsuyoshi JPN HB: 13.850

11:05 am. Tomas Florencio BRA PH: Wasn’t typing during this, he was pretty aggressive throughout and got a hit, just a pretty significant pike on nearly everything as well as other little form things, but overall a hit! 11.900 (5.5, 6.900)

Murio Pontedura BRA 13.300

11:03 am. Mario Macchiati ITA FX: Front full to double front, big step forward OOB, but otherwise good. I think a 1.5 to front double full with a hop forward, also OOB. Arabian double front half, good landing there, maybe a slight adjustment. Arabian double front, deep landing, big lunge forward, OOB there too. 2.5 to front layout, and then a triple full to finish, little step back and a bit of a bobble. 13.000

11:02 am. The touch warmup is just about finished! The men should begin shortly. Live results are here.

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