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2023 Cottbus World Cup | Event Finals Day 2 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for for the second day of event finals at the 2023 Cottbus World Cup, held in Cottbus, Germany!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

11:10 am. High Bar Final Standings

1. Kawakami Shohei, Japan, 14.266
2. Carlo Macchini, Italy, 14.133
3. Kaya Kazuma, Japan, 14.100
4. Martijn de Veer, Netherlands, 13.800
5. Illia Kovtun, Ukraine, 13.733
6. Mathias Philippe, France, 13.366
7. Alexander Myakinin, Israel, 12.800
8. Maxime Gentges, Belgium, 12.266

11:06 am. Alexander Myakinin ISR HB: Tak full is really late, turns around for giants into the Cassina, some hip form, Kolman was a little wild, connects it to a Gaylord II which is so cool, but I think he caught too close on the Kolman for it to be a successful connection, and he doesn’t have the power to get the Gaylord II to handstand. Back on for a Tak half, straddle Tkachev, stalder, and a full-twisting double layout, a little deep but stuck. 12.800 (6.0, 6.800)

11:04 am. Illia Kovtun UKR HB: Zou Li Min, Yamawaki was caught a little close/awkwardly, layout Tkachev to huge straddle Tkachev to huge piked Tkachev, wow, okay king. Changes to Li grip, tak full was a little late but not too bad, Tak half was the same, stalder, hop full went a little crooked in the hips, double double layout with some leg form and a step back. 13.733 (5.7, 8.033)

11:01 am. Maxime Gentges BEL HB: Clear hip, Kovacs to Kolman, bent his knees when catching the Kovacs but still got the connection…though then missed the catch on the Kolman, got one hand around but missed the other completely and had a hard fall. Back on for a blind change to L grip, Tak half is a little late, straddle Tkachev, blind change to L grip again, Tak to handstand, lots of front giant work in L grip and reverse grip, turns himself around again for an inbar and stalder before the full-twisting double layout dismount, slight pike but a stuck landing. Great aside from the fall! 12.266 (4.9, 7.366)

10:58 am. Warmups for the second half of the rotation are underway!

10:56 am. Kawakami Shohei JPN HB: Tak half, Cassina, some pike in his hips, Kolman was really nice, stalder 1.5 to front giants, Tak full, Endo full, layout Jaeger to Endo, muscled that up a bit but love that, double double layout, bent his knees a bit to get it around, little things throughout but overall a GREAT routine, I love the variety and composition. 14.266 (6.2, 8.066)

10:53 am. Kaya Kazuma JPN HB: Kolman, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, German giants, appropriate for Germany, the crowd was excited, blind change to L grip, Tak full had a bit of sway in his body line but he finished almost to handstand, double double layout with a great landing. 14.100 (5.9, 8.200)

10:51 am. Mathias Philippe FRA HB: Front giants in L grip, Tak half, layout Tkachev, inbar, stalder 1.5 is quite late, Tak full is also a bit late, Yamawaki, hop full goes a little crooked, Rybalko, Endo, full-twisting double layout with some pike down and a step forward. Needs a lot of cleanup throughout but love that he did one billion pirouettes…just needs to get them to handstand! 13.366 (5.6, 7.766)

10:47 am. Martijn de Veer NED HB: Starts in mixed grip before hi L grip front giant, does a pirouette before getting to regular, Cassina with lots of leg form, straddle Tkachev to piked Tkachev, little adjustment out of it, Kolman, catches a bit crooked, hop full, blind change, Tak, back to regular grip for a stalder, and a full-twisting double layout dismount, again some leg form, hop on the landing. Some iffy moments in there but a solid set overall! 13.800 (5.6, 8.200)

10:43 am. The men are out for the high bar final!

10:29 am. Women’s Floor Final Standings

1. Kokufugata Azuki, Japan, 13.633
2. Manila Esposito, Italy, 13.566
3. Ruby Evans, Great Britain, 13.466
4. Alice D’Amato, Italy, 13.133
5. Anna Lena König, Germany, 12.933
6. Tisha Volleman, Netherlands, 12.800
7. Poppy Stickler, Great Britain, 12.500
8. Laura Casabuena, Spain, 12.166

Parallel Bars Final Standings

1. Illia Kovtun, Ukraine, 15.366
2. Matteo Levantesi, Italy, 15.266
3. Carlos Yulo, Philippines, 15.166
4. Kaya Kazuma, Japan, 14.700
5. Ferhat Arican, Turkey, 14.500
6. Nils Dunkel, Germany, 14.233
7. Glen Cuyle, Belgium, 13.366
8. Ilias Georgiou, Cyprus, 12.833

10:26 am. Illia Kovtun UKR PB: Perfect first handstand, half pirouette, transition to single rail with a one-arm pirouette out, great handstand again, arched over after the Stutz, front pike to handstand, half turn out was fluid, 1.5 pirouette and Makuts were strong as well, Healy is great, double front with the tiniest bounce. 15.366 (6.6, 8.766)

That moves him into first. I thought Yulo had a stronger routine but this is two tenths higher, one tenth thanks to D, but also a tenth thanks to E…I really found Yulo’s E to be stronger though! But he went first so…

10:22 am. Kokufugata Azuki JPN FX: Double tuck is clean, tiny hop back. Double wolf turn is lovely. Triple full with a small step to the side, looked like really nice form in the air to me. Switch ring to split ring leap. 1.5 to front full is perfect. 2.5 with great form and a small hop. I think this will definitely medal, will it be enough for gold??? 13.633 (5.2, 8.433) – that’s enough! Last up slips right into first place.

10:20 am. Matteo Levantesi ITA PB: Nice first handstand, Makuts is very clean, transition to the single rail with a pirouette out, great, every pirouette looks lovely and fluid, Tippelt and Bhavsar also good, kind of rushed at one point into a salto with a half turn, piked double back was nearly stuck, this was SO fast but SO nice. Based on everything else we’ve seen this will certainly medal. 15.266 (6.5, 8.766)

10:16 am. Tisha Volleman NED FX: Quad spin to double spin, what a queen, she makes it look so easy. Whip to double tuck, rotates a bit slow but gets it around. Double L turn to illusion. Memmel to full spin. 1.5 to front full, some leg form and a big step forward OOB. Hit her leap pass, I didn’t see the first one but it finished with a switch half. Casual triple spin to end. I think she spins a total of 15 times in this routine if you add all of her spins together. 12.800 (5.0, 7.900, -0.1)

10:14 am. Glen Cuyle BEL PB: Pike to handstand, Tippelt was a little muscled, front pike, gets stuck coming out of it on the handstand so that was a big break, Diamidov was a little iffy, short on a half pirouette after that, and double front went a bit weird, chest was far forward and he had a little step as well. 13.366 (5.6, 7.766)

10:10 am. Alice D’Amato ITA FX: Memmel to full spin. Whip whip through to triple full, big wild bounce back that she thankfully saved from a fall but I believe she did end up OOB. Double pike is clean with a hop back. Double wolf turn. Switch leap to tour jeté half kinda, looked like she actually over-rotated that…or under-rotated a full. Front double full with another step OOB. Switch ring. 13.133 (5.2, 8.133, -0.2)

10:08 am. Kaya Kazuma JPN PB: Front pike to handstand, holds it well, Makuts was strong, Healy, walks around a half pirouette, a couple of other giants in there that went well, big straddle salto, Bhavsar was smooth, quick half handstand out of it into the Tippelt, clean handstand, double front half with a hop back. Mostly great work! 14.700 (6.3, 8.400)

10:03 am. Ruby Evans GBR FX: Double layout with a tiny bounce. Front layout to front double full is also very strong. Tour jeté half to switch half. Clean 1.5 to front full. Good double tuck, just a small hop. Fab job. 13.466 (5.4, 8.066)

10:01 am. Warmups for the second half of the rotation now!

9:58 am. Ferhat Arican TUR PB: First couple of pirouettes were hit, albeit with some form and adjustments. Had a transition to the single rail where he lost his form significantly and then also walked his hands out of a handstand on both bars, struggling a bit on something after as well, gets the Makuts and a one-arm pirouette, Stutz, Diamidov, and then sticks the double front half. Well, that was a good SECOND half of the routine, but the first half was not it for him today unfortunately. 14.500 (6.5, 8.000)

9:54 am. Poppy Stickler GBR FX: Split jump full. Piked full-in, little stumble to the side. Double layout, another tiny little bobble there but amazing difficulty! Triple wolf turn. Switch ring to switch full. Front layout stepout through to double pike, noooo, comes in really short and crashes it. That’s a bummer, she was crushing it. Triple spin. 12.500 (5.3, 7.200)

WOW, her score without the fall would have been half a point higher than any of her other international scores!

9:50 am. Ilias Georgiou CYP PB: Really short on his fist handstand but muscles it up. Had a pirouette early on that was a bit messy as well. Piked down in another handstand and had to fix his hips, adjusted out of it as well. Healy, hop giant, Tippelt with a muscle up, he’s just a bit all over the place. Bhavsar, handstand out of that was nice. Oof, goes for a full-in double tuck but can’t quite get it, ends up with his hands down on the mat. 12.833 (5.6, 7.233)

9:46 am. Laura Casabuena ESP FX: Still has her Madonna routine! Choreo could be better but I love it. Piked full-in with some leg form going in but she lands well. Nice Memmel turn. Front layout stepout through to double tuck is excellent! Great landing there. Double full, some leg form and a small hop back. Switch ring to tour jeté half. Switch half. Double pike, noooooo! Just doesn’t get it around quickly enough and lands on her knees, that was a bummer after an otherwise great routine, she looks so disappointed. 12.166 (4.8, 7.366)

9:44 am. Nils Dunkel GER PB: Front pike up to handstand, nice hold, lost some leg form while transitioning on a pirouette after that and kind of rushed a full pirouette and hop giant, just not super tight on most of these. Healy was very nice though. Diamidov was a bit short and crooked, to a half pirouette, double front with some leg form and a hop. 14.233 (5.7, 8.533)

9:41 am. Anna-Lena König GER FX: Split jump full, could be sharper in the 180. Double tuck is clean, but bounces back a bit. 1.5 to front full with a small hop forward. Switch leap to tour jeté half. Her choreo is a little frantic and arm-wavy. Double wolf turn, gets through it well enough. 2.5 with a step forward. Nice routine! Things to clean up throughout but it’s a solid hit for Germany. 12.933 (5.0, 7.933)

9:38 am. Carlos Yulo PHI PB: Holds the first couple of handstands forever, Makuts was nice, as was a one-arm pirouette after, all of those handstands were perfect. Front pike to handstand, he’s looking gorgeous. Big straddle salto, Bhavsar, up to pike sit pressed to handstand, Tippelt was really slow and clean, this is perfection. One-arm pirouette could have been a little tighter, and the double front half is great, small hop. Loved every second of this. 15.166 (6.5, 8.666)

9:35 am. Manila Esposito ITA FX: Rushes out of the triple wolf turn but it was nice overall. Double layout, small hop back, nice in the air. Good Memmel to illusion. Split leap to tour jeté half. Goes really low and long out of the 2.5 but gets the front layout, just with a step forward OOB. I think she had a triple spin after that, which was really nice from what I saw. Double pike with a small hop. She’s such a great floor worker. 13.566 (5.5, 8.166, -0.1)

9:32 am. Athletes are coming out for the next rotation, featuring the women on floor and the men on parallel bars.

9:15 am. Beam Final Standings

1. Okamura Mana, Japan, 14.133
2. Ashikawa Urara, Japan, 14.066
3. Filipa Martins, Portugal, 13.133
4. Ting Hua-Tien, Taiwan, 13.100
5. Martina Maggio, Italy, 13.066
6. Ruby Evans, Great Britain, 13.033
7. Maria Tronrud, Norway, 12.533
8. Dildora Aripova, Uzbekistan, 11.066

Men’s Vault Final Standings

1. Artur Davtyan, Armenia, 15.133
2. Mahdi Olfati, Iran, 14.983
3. Shek Wai Hung, Hong Kong, 14.733
4. Artem Dolgopyat, Israel, 14.483
5. Illia Kovtun, Ukraine, 14.266
6. Tseng Wei-Sheng, Taiwan, 14.050
7. Tom Schultze, Germany, 13.983
8. Juancho Miguel Besana, Philippines, 13.483

9:12 am. Illia Kovtun UKR VT: Kaz 1.5, really strong in the air, small hop forward. Can’t get over how nice his leg form is in the replay. 14.566 (5.2, 9.366)

Second vault is a handspring double front, really big leg separation and he lands pretty deep, big step back to save himself from a fall. 13.966 (5.2, 8.866, -0.1)

14.266 average

9:09 am. Okamura Mana JPN BB: Her presentation before mounting was lovely. Switch leap is clean. Gorgeous side aerial to layout stepout. Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, also just perfection. Wobbled back a bit on the wolf turn. Side somi is strong. Switch ring with a little wobble and step forward. 2.5 is PERFECTLY stuck, WOW. Okay!!! That’s my winner based on what we’ve seen so far. 14.133 (5.7, 8.433) – puts her first!

9:05 am. Mahdi Olfati IRI VT: Yurchenko double like, little hop back and then a little step out of the hop, but GORGEOUS in the air, wow! That was super impressive. 15.066 (5.6, 9.466)

Second vault is a tsuk double pike, also super nice, some leg separation on the pre-flight, but his landing is kind of similar with the little hop and step to steady it. 14.900 (5.6, 9.300)

14.983 average puts him second about a tenth and a half back from Artur Davtyan!

9:01 am. Ting Hua-Tien TWN BB: Switch leap mount with a little pause kind of into the switch half but she covered it well by moving through the pause really fluidly. Front aerial to back handspring to split jump, nice connections. Switch to ring jump to Korbut, pause between the latter though. Side somi, lands with her hip placement a bit off and has a big wobble backwards but hangs on. Cross jump half, I couldn’t see the split, maybe a little short on the landing. Full turn and then dismounts with a front layout full, some knee form and a hop forward. 13.100 (5.4, 7.700)

8:58 am. Tseng Wei-Sheng TWN VT: Handspring double front half, actually it looked like he twisted really early? Ends up kind of short on the landing and has to take a big step forward, not sure if he touched the mat but his hand was close. Watching the replay…yeah, he twists in the first flip so it’s like a half-in double back, just checked the code and this is called a Zimmerman as opposed to a Dragulescu. How fun! And yeah, in the replay both of his hands hit the mat in addition to taking that big step forward. 13.500 (5.6, 7.900)

Second vault is a tsuk double pike, really open pike with good knee shape for the most part, lands with his chest pretty far down and hops back slightly with a little check as well. 14.600 (5.6, 9.000)

14.050 average

8:54 am. Ashikawa Urara JPN BB: Back handspring mount to split jump to straddle jump, maybe shy on the split jump to be picky? Side aerial to layout stepout with a slight adjustment. Switch leap, kinda wobbles so pauses before doing the split ring jump which is gorgeous. Switch ring is pretty clean. Side somi. Beautiful double spin, adjusts at the end but it was so nice. Triple full with a hop back. Fabulous routine. 14.066 (5.8, 8.266)

8:51 am. Juancho Miguel Besana PHI VT: He had a great qualification! Ugh, nooo, goes for a kaz double but is a little short in rotation on the landing and still has a lot of backward momentum, ends up launching back out of it and stumbling/crashing to the mat. 13.166 (5.26, 7.833, -0.3)

Second vault is a Yurchenko 2.5, some leg separaiton in pre-flight, he tightens up a bit in the air, but lands a bit short and ends up taking a couple of steps back to steady it. 13.800 (5.2, 8.700, -0.1)

13.483 average

8:47 am. Maria Tronrud NOR BB: Switch half mount, BIG bobble there but saves it. Illusion turn that she dances immediately out of, love! I don’t know if she was covering up a mistake or if that was intended but it looked good. Super solid back handspring layout stepout. Switch leap into a clean jump series. Side aerial, slight adjustment. Good side somi. Gainer full off the end, ends a little short and she has to take a step. 12.533 (5.0, 7.533)

8:44 am. Touch for the second half now!

8:41 am. Artur Davtyan ARM VT: Handspring double front half, nearly sticks it! Some leg separation in the air, though he holds his knees tight for the first flip, and his chest is pretty forward on the landing but not at his knees. Rotation is awesome and his feet barely move, he just slight lifts one foot to steady himself. 15.166 (5.6, 9.566)

Second vault is a handspring randi, pretty gorgeous in the air aside from some ankle crossing at the end, chest slightly forward, tiny hop back. 15.100 (5.6, 9.500)

15.133 average! Going to be very difficult to get ahead of him.

8:37 am. Dilsora Aripova UZB BB: Layout stepout mount, comes up a little short and ends up falling. Really floaty in the air before the fall though. Double wolf turn, adjustments when she finishes. Aww, off again at the end of the side aerial layout stepout. Walks into a switch leap to sissone. Front aerial with very nice extension. Beautiful switch half. Dismounts with a back 1.5 with a small hop. Her technique and form are so gorgeous, this must be so nice when fully hit. 11.066 (5.0, 6.066)

8:33 am. Tom Schultze GER VT: Handspring double front, really deep landing with a big stumble back. 13.666 (5.2, 8.466)

Second vault is a kaz 1.5, not bad there, a little deep with a big step back but is pretty solid in the air, leg form is great aside from the slightest ankle crossing. 14.300 (5.2, 9.100)

8:30 am. Filipa Martins POR BB: Back handspring mount, super solid. Side aerial to back handspring is pretty clean, switch to switch half after is landed well. Full Y turn with a small adjustment. Wolf jump to sissone, split could be better on the latter if we want to be picky. Front aerial with a small form break/hip adjustment. Nice tour jeté, again, split could be better but I love that skill. double full, solid, tiny hop. Okay, so Filipa Martins is now a beam queen! 13.133 (5.0, 8.133)

8:27 am. Shek Wai Hung HKG VT: Tsuk full-in double tuck, lands with his chest pretty far down and a step to the side out-of-bounds. 14.766 (6.0, 8.866, -0.1)

Second vault is a handspring double front half, big step back, form in the air is stunning compared to most of these, his knees are together pretty much the entire time! 14.700 (5.6, 9.100)

14.733 average

8:24 am. Ruby Evans GBR BB: Punch front tuck mount, solid. Double wolf turn. Switch leap to split jump to Korbut, really nicely connected. Suuuuper solid back handspring layout stepout. Okay, she’s killing it. Double spin, slight break after overrotating a little. Front aerial. Double full with a small hop. Just outstanding work! 13.033 (4.8, 8.233) – career high by over a tenth!

8:19 am. Artem Dolgopyat ISR VT: Kaz 1.5, really clean in the air, lands a bit deep with a hop back. He’s also off-center and the hop takes him back toward the middle. Couldn’t see if he was OOB but if he was it was like, a toe if anything. 14.400 (5.2, 9.200)

Second vault is a handspring double front, comes close to overrotating it but is really clean in the air…almost looks like he hyperextended on the landing, he hit the mat pretty awkwardly. 14.566 (5.2, 9.366)

14.483 average

8:16 am. Martina Maggio ITA BB: Switch leap mount, switch leap to split leap, really nice extension and split on both. Lovely back handspring layout stepout. Slide back out of it. Full turn. Switch ring, back foot isn’t quite there, side aerial with a stumble and then break at the hips but she saves herself from a fall. Front aerial, tiny bobble there. Side somi is good, small adjustment. Good on the dismount, just a 1.5 but it’s clean. 13.066 (5.0, 8.066)

8:11 am. Athletes are marching out now! We’ll start with the women on beam and the men on vault.

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