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2023 Baku World Cup | Event Finals Day 1 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for for the first day of event finals at the 2023 Baku World Cup, held in Baku, Azerbaijan!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

4:56 am. Uneven Bars Final Standings

1. Qiu Qiyuan, China, 14.700
2. Giorgia Villa, Italy, 14.000
3. Sanna Veerman, Netherlands, 13.766
4. Georgia-Rose Brown, Australia, 13.633
5. Ruby Pass, Australia, 13.633
6. Eythora Thorsdottir, Netherlands, 13.566
7. Sevgi Kayisoglu, Turkey, 12.966
8. Filipa Martins, Portugal, 12.900

Rings Final Standings

1. Nikita Simonov, Azerbaijan, 14.633
2. Mahdi Ahmad Kohani, Iran, 14.500
3. Vinzenz Höck, Austria, 14.433
4. Nguyen Van Khanh Phong, Vietnam, 14.366
5. Lin Guan-Yi, Taiwan, 14.233
6. Mehmet Ayberk Kosak, Turkey, 14.233
7. Carlos Yulo, Philippines, 14.166
8. Riley Loos, United States, 14.000

4:54 am. Georgia-Rose Brown AUS UB: Toe full to Chow to Pak, a bit low, Maloney to Gienger, also a bit low there, muscles out of it for a toe half to straddle Jaeger, big air but maybe a little close, blind change to double front, cowboyed with a hop. Another strong set! 13.633 (5.7, 7.933)

4:52 am. Giorgia Villa ITA UB: Big Tkachev to Pak to Maloney to Bhardwaj, awesome. Van Leeuwen, blind change to front full pirouette, and a full-in, stuck with her chest down but she yanks it up like “no it was NOT down!” 14.000 (5.8, 8.200) – now SHE moves into second!

4:51 am. Riley Loos USA SR: Maltese, some pike in his hips, pressed to planche, a little shaky in the inverted cross, swings around to straddle sit, gets the rest pretty well, double double dismount looked stuck to me! 14.000 (5.7, 8.300)

4:49 am. Sanna Veerman NED UB: Hop change to front giant into the straddle Jaeger, Downie to Pak, Maloney to Bhardwaj, slightly crooked but not enough to mess her up, van Leeuwen, toe full to full-in with a hop back. Yes!!! 13.766 (6.2, 7.566) – moves into second!

4:48 am. Vinzenz Höck AUT SR: Planche at the start, inverted hang to inverted cross, pike and tuck saltos to maltese, a little adjustment there, back up to planche, then down to iron cross, inverted hang to front giant to handstand, and then a full-twisting double layout, slide back on the landing. 14.433 (6.0, 8.433)

4:46 am. Ruby Pass AUS UB: Hop change to Weiler half to Maloney to Hindorff, nice! Pak was clean as was the van Leeuwen! toe full almost to vertical, slight bend over in her hips, into the dismount, good landing! 13.633 (5.8, 7.833)

4:44 am. Nikita Simonov AZE SR: Planche, legs were higher than his hips, through to maltese, nice levels there. Inverted hang to inverted cross, shaking a bit in his hips, saltos through to maltese, good again, iron cross is nice. All of the volunteers are peeking out from behind the curtain to watch him, I love that for them. Planche, again the legs are REALLY high in comparison to the hips, full-twisting double layout lands a bit low with a step. 14.633 (6.2, 8.433) – moves him to first!

4:43 am. Bars warmups going long thanks to Georgia-Rose Brown being so tall! Just caught the end of her warmup and thought we were mid-routine and I think the broadcast thought so too. They were just adjusting the bars back to regular height.

4:41 am. Lin Guan-Yi TWN SR: I wasn’t typing but nothing looked super off, he just swings so…wildly? Aggressively? They’re all aggressive here but he’s like, next-level. One of his handstands near the end was a little weak but he stuck the dismount! 14.233 (5.9, 8.333)

4:38 am. That last routine puts Qiu in the lead on bars, while Ahmad Kohani leads rings. So happy Qiu got that hit today! She left out the inbar piked Tkachev again, which she usually connects to the Pak, but I like that they let her play it safe for now.

4:36 am. Qiu Qiyuan CHN UB: Inbar full is a little loose but corrects it so quickly to the Downie, super clean Pak and van Leeuwen, blind change to L grip to Ling to Healy, and a perfectly stuck full-in. 14.700 (6.2, 8.500)

4:34 am. Nguyen Van Khanh Phong VIE SR: Maltese, drops to iron cross, arms could be tighter maybe? Really nice level on the planche, tucked and piked saltos out to maltese, swinging side to side a bit, inverted hang to front pike to iron cross, this one looks aesthetically nicer, inverted hang to front giant to handstand, clean and solid, back giant to handstand arches a bit, full-twisting double layout, chest forward and a small step. 14.366 (5.9, 8.466)

4:33 am. Sevgi Kayisoglu TUR UB: Her routine was the first I saw in qualifications and it was EXCELLENT. Crossing my fingers for another good one! Stalder full bends over at the hips and ends up being a bit late, Maloney to Pak, some leg separation, nice handstand before the van Leeuwen, legs looked glued, toe half to front giant to piked Jaeger, nice there, blind change to double front, knees are glued, step on the landing. Little things, but almost as great as her quals routine! 12.966 (5.3, 7.666)

4:32 am. Mahdi Ahmad Kohani IRI SR: I wasn’t typing at the beginning but everything looked good, caught up at the saltos to planche, slight adjustment, nice iron cross, inverted hang to front pike to iron cross, inverted hang to piked saltos to handstand, really nice transition up, and a piked double front dismount with a hop back. I love this guy. 14.500 (6.0, 8.500)

4:30 am. Eythora Thorsdottir NED UB: Shaposh to Pak, some leg separation, Maloney to bail, arches over but corrects into the toe full to Ray, blind change to piked Jaeger, blind full to full-in, looked almost stuck with a slight check and her chest down. 13.566 (5.6, 7.966)

4:28 am. Carlos Yulo PHI SR: Pulls up to inverted hang through to iron cross, inverted hang to pike, pulls up to maltese, then drops to inverted hang, front giant to inverted cross, a little adjustment, saltos to handstand, shaking slightly but gets control back, piked saltos to iron cross, opens his palms, inverted hang, back giant to handstand, adjusts slightly, sticks the dismount, I assume a double double, great routine for him! 14.166 (5.7, 8.466)

4:26 am. Filipa Martins POR UB: Hindorff, big air on that, hops to switch her grip to mixed into the Ezhova, toe full, nice handstand before the Maloney to Pak, another nice handstand before the van Leeuwen, some leg form, strong double layout dismount. I’ve been wondering why she hasn’t been scoring as well at the past couple of world cup qualifications, but I guess she got rid of her eponymous skill that would typically go into the Ezhova for now to play it safe? Nice work overall. 12.900 (5.2, 7.700)

4:25 am. Mehmet Ayberk Kosak TUR SR: Inverted cross, swings through to planche, inverted hang to pike, up to saltos that go into a maltese then out to iron cross, really nice! Turkey is just churning out rings bros. Holds a handstand really well, then a back giant to handstand, and he gets the dismount with a small step. Love it! 14.233 (6.0, 8.233)

4:20 am. Wow, no awards breaking up the competition…moving right to rings and uneven bars!

4:17 am. Women’s Vault Final Standings

1. Coline Devillard, France, 13.683
2. Oksana Chusovitina, Uzbekistan, 13.433
3. Yu Linmin, China, 13.383
4. Bilge Tarhan, Turkey, 12.816
5. Rifda Irfanaluthfi, Indonesia, 12.799
6. Darya Yassinskaya, Kazakhstan, 12.716
7. Nancy Taman, Egypt, 12.649
8. Bengisu Yildiz, Turkey, 12.583

Parallel Bars Final Standings

1. Carlos Yulo, Philippines, 15.400
2. Illia Kovtun, Ukraine, 15.366
3. Cameron-Lie Bernard, France, 14.600
4. Mohamed Afify, Egypt, 14.533
5. Curran Phillips, United States, 14.500
6. Matsumi Kazuki, Japan, 14.433
7. Rasuljon Abdurakhimov, Uzbekistan, 14.266
8. Dilan Jimenez, Colombia, 13.266

4:15 am. Cameron-Lie Bernard FRA PB: One small adjustment on a half pirouette near the start, but really nice recovery after that, Makuts was nice, a gorgeous one-arm pirouette, and then a little short on a pirouette that transitioned between the bars, getting the handstands to a great spot after that, then a double pike dismount, looked like he stepped back but my browser cut his feet off so I couldn’t really see lol. 14.600 (6.2, 8.400)

4:12 am. Darya Yassinskaya KAZ VT: Solid handspring front pike half, two steps back out of it, but her pike shape off the table was nice. 12.800 (4.0, 8.800)

Second vault is a tsuk layout, REALLY close to the table from the angle we have, but landed well. 12.633 (3.8, 8.833)

12.716 average, puts her sixth.

4:11 am. Mohamed Afify EGY PB: Front pike to handstand at the start, clean, lost some form and handstand in a pirouette after, quick/rushed transitions but gets the next couple of pirouettes, Tippelt is a little muscled, double pike with a small hop. Nice work aside from a few issues near the start! 14.533 (6.0, 8.533)

4:09 am. Bengisu Yildiz TUR VT: Yurchenko full, leg and hip form throughout and a small hop back. Her arms were basically locked on the table. 12.866 (4.2, 8.666)

Second vault is a tsuk tuck full, goes a little off-center and hops OOB. 12.300 (3.8, 8.600, -0.1)

12.583 average

4:07 am. Curran Phillips USA PB: Kinda misses the first pirouette element, and then walks out of a half pirouette, and doesn’t make the full after that to handstand. Not a great start sadly, I don’t think he’ll come close to the score he got in qualifications. Cleans up a little after that, got a straddle salto, oof, then another iffy pirouette before hitting the dismount. Bummer. 14.500 (6.8, 7.700)

4:05 am. Yu Linmin CHN VT: Tsuk double full, bent and separated knees on and off the table, lands with her chest forward, and pulls back into a couple of big steps. Better than quals, I think, but still no a hundred percent. 13.766 (5.2, 8.566)

Second vault is a nice Yurchenko full, a lot cleaner in the air and really solid on the landing. 13.000 (4.2, 8.800)

13.383 average, puts her third behind Devillard and Chusovitina

4:04 am. Carlos Yulo PHI PB: Wasn’t typing at the very beginning but had really clean work, no super visible errors. Front pike to handstand, holds it forever, big straddle salto, moves so fluidly out of it, Bhavsar, to pike sit pressed to handstand, superb Tippelt, he’s textbook there, a GORGEOUS one-arm pirouette and then a stuck double front half, MY GOODNESS. 15.400 (6.5, 8.900)

4:03 am. They gave Chusovitina the layout! D is moved to a 5.0 and her average is now a 13.433.

4:00 am. Coline Devillard FRA VT: Handspring rudi, some pike off the table but she straightens up quickly, some leg form in the post-flight and a big lunge back, but TONS of power, one of her better attempts in terms of how upright it is on the landing I think. 14.333 (5.4, 8.933)

Second vault is a Yurchenko full, really nice off the table,  just a lunge back. 13.033 (4.2, 8.833)

13.683 average, moves her first

3:59 am. Chusovitina submitted an inquiry for vault, I assume for the layout vs. pike issue in her handspring front full. They gave her a pike, which is what I assumed, but I guess she wants a layout.

3:56 am. Warmups for the second half now! Right now Oksana Chusovitina leads vault and Illia Kovtun leads p-bars.

3:55 am. Dilan Jimenez COL PB: Arches over the first handstand, then kinda falls out of the handstand on the single rail and then drops out of the subsequent pirouette. Rough way to start. Gets more aggressive into the Tippelt, catches a big Bhavsar right at the end, to pike hold pressed to handstand. Full-in off the end of the bars, love that dismount. 13.266 (5.4, 7.866)

3:52 am. Bilge Tarhan TUR VT: Yurchenko full, twists a little late and lands a bit off-center, but she has some decent power in this and the landing was strong. 12.900 (4.2, 8.700)

Second vault is a handspring front pike half, some of the form is loose off the table, but another strong landing from her. 12.733 (4.0, 8.733)

12.816 average, puts her second at the halfway point

3:51 am. Rasuljon Abdurakhimov UZB PB: Half pirouette at the start didn’t make it to handstand, had a nice one-arm pirouette, clean on a front pike to handstand, straddle salto, front pirouette was nice, he looks a lot calmer after that first mistake, double pike with a step forward. 14.266 (5.9, 8.366)

3:47 am. Oksana Chusovitina UZB VT: Handspring front full, the layout vs. pike is kind of ambiguous and I can’t tell what she means to do, especially since she’s SO piked coming off the table but then SO laid out in the second half of the twist, but I think it’s going to get pike credit…legs also go a bit wild and she lands short with a big lunge to the side off the mat. 13.033 (4.4, 8.733, -0.1)

Second vault is a tsuk full, which is REALLY nice in comparison to the handspring! Overall strong throughout, small hop back. 13.233 (4.4, 8.833)

13.133 average

3:45 am. Matsumi Kazuki JPN PB: Great transitions between the bars to single and back to both, comes pretty arched out of a giant swing and then walks forward and back, also awkward on a pirouette after that, gets the Bhavsar and Tippelt, nice press on the latter, half pirouette arches over, holds the handstand forever once he corrects it, and a double pike dismount with a great landing. 14.433 (6.1, 8.333)

3:43 am. Nancy Taman EGY VT: Yurchenko full, really nice distance, just slight leg form right when she comes off the table and she has a big hop back. 13.066 (4.2, 8.866)

Second vault is a Yurchenko half-on front tuck, hops out of it and I think ends up stepping OOB when she goes into her salute? 12.233 (3.8, 8.733, -0.3)

12.649 average

3:42 am. Illia Kovtun UKR PB: I wasn’t typing for most of this because it started so quickly, he had one pirouette with a significant sway back and hand adjustment moment, and walked his hands on a pirouette near the end, but that aside it was a good routine with a stuck double front. 15.366 (6.6, 8.766)

3:39 am. Rifda Irfanaluthfi INA VT: Yurchenko full, not a ton of power, but it’s pretty nice in the air for the most part! Small step on the landing. 13.033 (4.2, 8.833)

Second vault is a handspring front pike, not the greatest block, and she has to bend her knees slightly before landing. 12.566 (3.8, 8.766)

12.799 average

3:34 am. Athletes marching out now for the parallel bars and women’s vault finals! Yes, Baku swaps p-bars and pommels, they do it every year and no one will ever know why.

Eythora Thorsdottir is having some ankle drama and has withdrawn from vault, with Bengisu Yildiz going in her place. Thorsdottir will still do bars, thankfully!

3:33 am. Men’s Floor Final Standings

1. Milad Karimi, Kazakhstan, 14.200
2. Illia Kovtun, Ukraine, 13.933
3. Riley Loos, United States, 13.733
4. Nicola Bartolini, Italy, 13.433
5. Aurel Benovic, Croatia, 13.400
6. Dominick Cunningham, Ireland, 13.066
7. Eamon Montgomery, Ireland, 12.766
8. Harry Hepworth, Great Britain, 12.500

3:30 am. Riley Loos USA FX: Clean randi with a small hop back. Double front with a hop forward. Front double full to front full, ALMOST sticks it, but takes a small hop back at the last second. Russians and a wide-arm planche for the strength holds. Clean double full down the side, stuck. 2.5 to front layout, clean and stuck. Triple full with a hop back. Excellent work. 13.733 (5.6, 8.133)

3:27 am. Aurel Benovic CRO FX: Front double full to double front, stuck! Fabulous. Double double landed fully out of bounds, he just went SO big on that. Piked double front with a hop back. Double full down the length. Randi ends up a little low, hop. 2.5 to front layout, a little arched in the latter. Wraps things up with a triple full, chest forward, big step forward, big wobble. 13.400 (6.2, 7.500, -0.3)

3:24 am. Milad Karimi KAZ FX: Punch into a randi, chest down with a hop. Front full to piked double front, deep with steps but he gets it! 2.5 to double front, lands forward with a big step. Double double, chest horizontal but otherwise nice. Double full, down into a really nice split and then Japanese handstand. Front double full to tucked barani. STUCK the triple full at the end! That was really nice, some of the chest positions will get pretty heavily docked, but a good hit nonetheless. 14.200 (6.3, 7.900)

3:21 am. Harry Hepworth GBR FX: Ooh, triple double, foot slides back. Front full to double front, he flips really fast! Front double full to front tuck, comes out short from the twists and can’t get the punch around, sits it. Double full, then down into a press handstand. Double double is landed well. 2.5 with a hop forward. Finishes with a triple full, tiny bounce back. Sad about the third pass, I think this was otherwise one of the stronger sets. 12.500 (5.9, 6.600)

3:19 am. So far I think everyone’s looked a little weaker compared to what we saw in prelims. Illia Kovtun has the lead going into the second half.

Touch warmups going on now!

3:17 am. Dominick Cunningham IRL FX: Piked double front, really nice in the first flip but it’s a little slow and he has a step on the landing. Double double, then a 1.5 to rudi, and front handspring front full down the length. Russians and a press handstand for his strength elements, had an adjustment in the latter. 2.5 to front layout, slight form, maybe the tiniest bit short, pulls forward and has a little hop. Triple full, some leg form in the air and he has to kind of lean into the landing, feet apart, little adjustment/slide. 13.066 (5.3, 7.766)

3:12 am. Nicola Bartolini ITA FX: Punch into a lovely randi and then a really nice 3.5, just a hop to the side. Double double, chest a little forward with a hop back. 2.5 to front layout to barani, love that line. double full landed well. Triple full, some ankle form lands kind of far forward with his chest down and has to take a hop with a big arm windmill to keep his balance. 13.433 (5.4, 8.033)

Really long wait for his score for some reason.

3:09 am. Eamon Montgomery IRL FX: Randi to start, little bounce out of it. Really strong double double, small move back. Umm I think a 2.5? I couldn’t tell, he loses his leg form coming out of the last twist and lands awkwardly while flying OOB. Maybe a 3.5 attempt? Front double full to front full. Clean double full landed with his feet apart but heels clicked together. 2.5 to front layout with a hop forward. Triple full, some leg form and a slide back. 12.766 (5.9, 7.166, -0.3)

3:06 am. Illia Kovtun UKR FX: Front full to double front, big lunge forward OOB. Piked double front rotates a little slowly but he gets it! 3.5 also rotates pretty slowly and he almost comes up short but manages to get it around. Randi with a hop back. 2.5 to front layout was really nice and solid on the landing. Gets the flairs, and then lands a super clean triple with a small hop back. Mostly great stuff here! 13.933 (6.1, 7.933, -0.1)

3:03 am. Athletes are marching out now! The men’s floor final should get underway in the next couple of minutes.

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