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2022 World Championships | Event Finals Day 2 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the second day of event finals at the 2022 World Championships, held in Liverpool, England!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

6:31 pm. High Bar Final Standings

1. Brody Malone, United States, 14.800
2. Hashimoto Daiki, Japan, 14.700
3. Arthur Mariano, Brazil, 14.466
4. Sun Wei, China, 14.433
5. Zhang Boheng, China, 14.400
6. Ilias Georgiou, Cyprus, 14.300
7. Kamoto Yuya, Japan, 14.166
8. Tyson Bull, Australia, 13.766

6:27 pm. Tyson Bull AUS HB: Connected the Kovacs to Kolman at the beginning, awesome, and then caught the Cassina a bit close, Zou Li Min, Tak, full-twisting double layout with a little hop forward. Exciting routine! 13.766 (5.9, 7.866)

6:24 pm. Ilias Georgiou CYP HB: Tak half, huge but kind of wild at times in the Cassina, good Kolman, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, very nice on the Tak to handstand, L grip giants before turning around for the giants to the double double dismount, a little deep with a hop forward. 14.300 (5.9, 8.400)

6:20 pm. Zhang Boheng CHN HB: Tak full goes over slightly late but not super bad, Tak half right to handstand, layout Tkachev, good on the Cassina and Kolman, German giants, stalder, and a double double layout with a big hop forward. This was SO nice, hop aside. Should still score really well thanks to everything else! 14.400 (6.2, 8.200)

6:17 pm. Kamoto Yuya JPN HB: Tak half to layout Tkachev, Cassina, overrotated with some leg form but gets there! Kolman is a little better. Straddle Tkachev, inbar, stalder, lovely Tak, double double layout, some leg form, a little deep with a hop forward. 14.166 (6.0, 8.166)

6:12 pm. Hashimoto Daiki JPN HB: Tak half, Liukin, a little close with his elbows but gets it! Cassina, Kolman, layout Tkachev, Tak full was late with some leg form, stalder, hop full, and a double double layout, a little deep with a hop back. 14.700 (6.4, 8.300)

6:08 pm. Brody Malone USA HB: Zou Li Min with a nice finish, huge clean Cassina, Kolman also pretty huge, layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev to piked Tkachev, he could’ve kept going honestly! Tak full RIGHt to handstand!!!! Tak half, hop full, and a double double layout with the tiniest hop! WOW. 14.800 (6.3, 8.500)

6:06 pm. Sun Wei CHN HB: Tak half to Kolman, Cassina, amazing! Layout Tkachev to huge straddle Tkachev, Endo, Tak full is a bit wild, stalder, and a double double layout with two big steps back. 14.433 (6.4, 8.033)

6:02 pm. Arthur Mariano BRA HB: I wasn’t typing at the beginning but he hit everything, connected three Tkachevs, HUGE full-twisting layout Jaeger! Tak full to Yamawaki, and a double double layout dismount with a hop back!

5:53 pm. Women’s Floor Final Standings

1. Jessica Gadirova, Great Britain, 14.200
2. Jordan Chiles, United States, 13.833
3. Rebeca Andrade, Brazil, 13.733
– Jade Carey, United States, 13.733
5. Naomi Visser, Netherlands, 13.666
6. Martina Maggio, Italy, 13.533
7. Jennifer Gadirova, Great Britain, 13.166
8. Miyata Shoko, Japan, 13.066

5:49 pm. Jessica Gadirova GBR FX: Double double is a bit messy in the air but nothing too severe, just noticeable in her let form. Full-twisting double layout with a small hop. Mostly good in her leap series. Front layout full through to double tuck with a hop. Really great work here! 14.200 (6.0, 8.200)

Jade Carey submitted an inquiry and the judges dropped her D to a 5.9, tying her exactly with Rebeca Andrade. Now they both along with Jordan Chiles are all guaranteed medals!

5:45 pm. Jennifer Gadirova GBR FX: Double layout, good! Full-in is a bit messy with a step back OOB. Switch ring to tour jeté half. Front layout through to double tuck, a little short with a hop forward. 13.166 (5.3, 7.966, -0.1)

5:39 pm. Jade Carey USA FX: Moors with a slight hop back. This skill looks so great! Full-twisting double layout, maybe pikes it down at the end? But hard to tell for me. Some leg separation throughout. Hit a dance sequence into the corner before the front layout through to double tuck, a couple of little steps back. Some form in the split full. Good on the full-in, small hop. 13.833 (6.0, 7.833)

5:35 pm. Jordan Chiles USA FX: 1.5 through to full-in with a slight hop back. Full-twisting double layout, very strong, small hop. Double wolf turn, gets through it well. Hop L turn through to tour jeté full. Popa. This routine is such a party! Front layout through to double tuck, kind of a medium hop back at the end, but overall a glorious routine! 13.833 (5.8, 8.033)

5:33 pm. Some big routines to come, with Jordan Chiles, Jade Carey, Jessica Gadirova, and Jennifer Gadirova all coming in the second half! I feel like the current top four will likely become the bottom four after this, assuming all goes to plan.

5:29 pm. Miyata Shoko JPN FX: Good double layout! Small hop but form looked better than it has previously. Oh, because she was doing the full I think? Well the downgrade was much better! Whip whip through to 2.5, leg form throughout, also may have been a triple that landed short. 1.5 to front full with a little bounce. Switch to switch full. Good double pike! Just slight bend in her knees. 13.066 (5.3, 7.766)

5:25 pm. Martina Maggio ITA FX: Double wolf turn to start. Double layout, some leg separation in the air but a good landing. Hit the second pass, I only saw the landing. Split ring leap to switch ring half. Full-in with a slight hop back. Split ring leap. Double tuck with a hop back. Good work especially coming in last minute! 13.533 (5.6, 7.933)

5:19 pm. Naomi Visser NED FX: Whip to triple full to punch front, some ankles in the triple and the tuck after is a bit cowboyed, there are also directional issues in between the two. The triple lands maybe almost a quarter short so she punches sideways instead of forward. Both of her turn sequences were lovely. Switch half is gorgeous. Good double full, still some ankle form, but nothing super severe. Double tuck, chest slightly forward with a step back. 13.666 (5.7, 7.966)

5:15 pm. Rebeca Andrade BRA FX: Front through to full-in with a slight hop back. Full-twisting double layout, some form in the air and a very small hop. Memmel turn skidded around again, okay Brazil, we need to get rid of this. Double layout, good in the air, hop back. Switch leap to tour jeté half. Double pike chest forward, pulls back and tapes a couple of steps back. 13.733 (5.9, 7.833)

5:13 pm. Touch starting for the women on floor! Flavia Saraiva is out, with Shoko Miyata in, while Alice D’Amato is also out, with Martina Maggio in.

5:03 pm. Parallel Bars Final Standings

1. Zou Jingyuan, China, 16.166
2. Lukas Dauser, Germany, 15.500
3. Carlos Yulo, Philippines, 15.366
4. Ferhat Arican, Turkey, 15.066
5. Jossimar Calvo, Colombia, 14.966
6. Kamoto Yuya, Japan, 14.900
7. Giarnni Regini-Moran, Great Britain, 14.733
8. Joe Fraser, Great Britain, 14.700

5:01 pm. Joe Fraser GBR PB: Wasn’t typing during this, had a couple of short or adjusted handstands and the dismount landed a bit short with a big lunge to control it, but overall it’s a hit! 14.700 (6.5, 8.200)

4:57 pm. Zou Jingyuan CHN PB: Some beautiful work at the start but then couldn’t get the next skill to handstand, hips bent a little. Took him a second to muscle up. Also had a bobble going into handstand before the Bhavsar. Tippelt, little pause before going into handstand, one-arm pirouette out of it, nearly stuck the double front half, heel moved slightly. 16.166 (6.9, 9.266)

4:54 pm. Lukas Dauser GER PB: Mostly clean work at the beginning though it looks to me like he’s moving a little fast, a few things just not up to par but not like, messy either. Just fast. Looked like he hit a foot on the Makuts but not sure if the judges would’ve caught that? Hitting handstands really well in the latter half, and has a tiny bounce on the double front half. 15.500 (6.6, 8.900)

4:49 pm. Giarnni Regini-Moran GBR PB: Diamidov to start, he’s a little rushed out of that and on the next couple of pirouettes, causes minor form breaks, big straddle salto, Bhavsar goes well, swings up to handstand and turns it around for the Tippelt, maybe the slightest bit short but shows control up into the handstand, double front half with a solid landing. Not the best, but he basically said it was a surprise for him to make this final and didn’t expect much from himself here in terms of the podium. 14.733 (6.4, 8.333)

4:43 pm. Jossimar Calvo COL PB: Arched over when he got to the single bar on the Makuts. Handstand up on the single rail was pretty good. A few little things on other pirouettes after, Tippelt was clean, just walked his hands out of it when he did the half turn. Bhavsar, up to handstand, then the full-in off the end, little bobble. 14.966 (6.7, 8.266)

4:40 pm. Carlos Yulo PHI PB: Has to muscle up right away on the cast up to the single rail handstand, but then very nice once he gets there. Makuts is nice. Pirouette out also very clean. Holds the next handstand forever, front pike up to handstand, Bhavsar, up to L sit, pressed to handstand, very clean. Tippelt is lovely. Lovely one-arm pirouette. Great landing on the dismount! This was fantastic. 15.366 (6.3, 9.066)

4:36 pm. Ferhat Arican TUR PB: Great first handstand, held it for 90 hours, A little rushed out of a 1.5 pirouette I think it was, gets the two after that to a great handstand, then a little shaky on transitions between the bars. Makuts was really nice. One-arm pirouette out, stuck the double front half. Mostly nice, just small form breaks! 15.066 (6.6, 8.466)

4:33 pm. Kamoto Yuya JPN PB: Hit some pirouettes at the start, the Stutz was short, front straddle salto and Bhavsar weren’t bad, Tippelt got stuck halfway and he had to push the legs up the rest of the way, double pike with a hop back. 14.900 (6.5, 8.400)

4:28 pm. Touch starting now for p-bars!

4:05 pm. Medal ceremony happening soon for vault and beam!

3:58 pm. Balance Beam Final Standings

1. Watanabe Hazuki, Japan, 13.600
2. Ellie Black, Canada, 13.566
3. Miyata Shoko, Japan, 13.533
4. Marine Boyer, France, 13.300
5. Skye Blakely, United States, 13.300
6. Ou Yushan, China, 13.000
7. Zsofia Kovacs, Hungary, 12.733
8. Rebeca Andrade, Brazil, 12.733

3:54 pm. Miyata Shoko JPN BB: Switch mount, roundoff layout is solid. Switch leap, pauses, does a jump series after, great cover after she meant to connect out of the switch. Front aerial to split jump to back handspring. Double turn with a slight break. Side aerial. Step back on the double pike. Fantastic job!

3:50 pm. Ou Yushan CHN BB: Front handspring front tuck, hip adjustment, but gets it around! Switch leap to switch half, little check there as well. Korbut on its own. Switch ring, back foot isn’t there, big wobble, and she falls. Back on for a front aerial to straddle jump to back handspring. Side somi. 2.5 with a step forward. 13.000 (5.9, 7.100)

3:46 pm. Skye Blakely USA BB: Gets the Silivas mount and the triple wolf turn, very nice! Standing full, great! Front handspring front tuck with a tiny step forward. Oh my god, she’s going to hit!!! Those were the two biggest worries for me and she nailed them. Switch to switch half to back tuck, tiny hip adjustment. Front aerial to split jump is clean. OH MY GOD AND THEN SHE’S OFF ON THE SIDE AERIAL. BURN SIDE AERIALS. This could have won gold. Double tuck with a lunge forward. Well I’m sad. Still going to be a pretty good score, I’d bet. It was SUCH a good routine otherwise. 13.300 (6.2, 7.100)

3:42 pm. Watanabe Hazuki JPN BB: Hit the punch front pike mount and her flight series, not bad! Switch to switch half is really nice. Front aerial, missed the connection to the split jump to straddle jump, but those are clean. 2.5 with some ankle form, kind of college sticks the landing, just stepping out into her salute, I wish she had held it a second longer! But this was phenomenal! 13.600 (5.5, 8.100) – moves her to first place!

3:40 pm. Touch for the second half is now underway.

3:37 pm. Zsofia Kovacs HUN BB: Literally forgot she is in this final. Love that for her! Switch leap mount, switch half with a big wobble. Side aerial to back handspring, pretty solid. Front aerial to straddle jump to split jump, really nice connections. A little wobble out of the double spin. Side somi with a slight adjustment. Clean switch leap. Double tuck, chest forward, small step. Great work! 12.733 (5.1, 7.633)

3:33 pm. Rebeca Andrade BRA BB: Bit of a wobble on the switch leap mount, mostly covers it well but just not quite there. Switch to switch half to split jump is solid. A little too far over to the side on the bhs loso and she can’t hold on, sadly. Front aerial to split ring jump. Switch ring, a little check on that landing. Side aerial, clean. Wolf jump to sissone. Double pike, deep landing with a big lunge forward. 12.733 (6.0, 6.733)

3:28 pm. Ellie Black CAN BB: Switch leap mount, back leg maybe a little low to be picky. Doesn’t connect to the switch half to Korbut, but that series is nice. Double full to full turn, wobbles out of it, then goes for the jump series after. Super solid punch front tuck. Back handspring to layout, tiniest bobble with her foot coming up, some leg form in the air. Gets the side somi with no problems. 2.5, slight ankle form, but stuck cold! 13.566 (5.5, 8.066)

3:24 pm. Marine Boyer FRA BB: Switch leap mount is gorgeous. Some leg form in the roundoff layout, little bounce on the landing. Switch leap, switch half, doesn’t connect and wobbles on the latter. Front aerial to jump series, came up short on the latter and had a massive wobble. Side aerial is good, so is the side somi. Hits the full turn. Clean double pike with a great landing, small step to the side. 13.300 (5.5, 7.800)

3:22 pm. Touch for beam is happening now!

3:17 pm. Men’s Vault Final Standings

1. Artur Davtyan, Armenia, 15.050
2. Carlos Yulo, Philippines, 14.950
3. Igor Radivilov, Ukraine, 14.733
4. Gabriel Burtanete, Romania, 14.533
5. Caio Souza, Brazil, 14.416
6. Lee Junho, South Korea, 14.316
7. Tanigawa Wataru, Japan, 13.999
8. Kim Hansol, South Korea, 13.900

3:14 pm. Lee Junho KOR VT: Kaz double full, mostly nice in the air aside from some ankles, lands with his chest a bit forward and a step to the side. 14.466 (5.6, 8.866)

Shewfelt for the second vault, takes a big lunge forward and then brings the other foot up to join, also gets a TON of distance but not quite the height he probably would have wanted off the table. 14.166 (5.2, 8.966)

14.316 average

3:09 pm. Artur Davtyan ARM VT: STUCK DRAGULESCU!!!!! Goes crooked off the table and ends up landing with a foot out of bounds, but this was so good, so nice in the air. 15.000 (5.6, 9.500, -0.1)

Follows it up with a beautiful handspring randi with a small hop back. Ooh, this could take the lead! 15.100 (5.6, 9.500)

15.050 average puts him first!! Literally no one does it better than him.

3:04 pm. Gabriel Burtanete ROU VT: Kaz double full, some leg form throughout in the air and a big lunge back. 14.666 (5.6, 9.066)

Does the Dragulescu for the second vault, HUGE off the table, but lands super deep and takes a big lunge back when he pops up out of that landing. 14.400 (5.6, 8.800)

14.533 average

3:01 pm. Kim Hansol KOR VT: Absolutely gorgeous handspring randi! Tiniest pike coming off the table and some ankle separation at times in the air but he nearly sticks the landing, it was beautiful. 14.900 (5.6, 9.300)

Nooooo, goes for the Shewfelt second vault, but he’s a bit too far back on his heels and stumbles off the mat, sitting it. 12.900 (5.2, 8.000, -0.3)

13.900 average

2:59 pm. Wrapping up the touch for the second half now.

2:53 pm. Igor Radivilov UKR VT: Great landing on the handspring double front half! His chest position isn’t bad. Just a small bounce on the landing, looked like in place, and of course the leg separation in the air but his isn’t even that severe, I think the best we’ll see in this final of anyone doing tucks. 14.800 (5.6, 9.200)

Tsuk double pike, and it’s EXCELLENT! Big lunge back out of the landing but his position and shape in the air is fantastic and his chest on the landing isn’t too far forward. 14.666 (5.6, 9.066)

14.733 average moves him second!

2:48 pm. Carlos Yulo PHI VT: Handspring piked double front half, nice pike shape, landing ends up OOB but it’s an overall strong vault! 15.000 (6.0, 9.100, -0.1)

Kaz double, form is mostly perfect in the air, just deteriorates the VERY tiniest bit before landing, but the landing is a good one, little balance check to the side. This was great. 14.900 (5.6, 9.300)

14.950 average puts him in first!

2:43 pm. Tanigawa Wataru JPN VT: Handpsring piked double front half, tucks his knees a bit, especially in the second flip, and he comes up pretty short on the landing, knees are almost to the mat and his chest is at his knees. Also lands with a foot out-of-bounds and then takes a giant lunge forward. Yeah, they downgraded that to a tuck, which I think is tough because the first pike looked legit, I think a knee bend deduction would have been sufficient? 14.166 (5.6, 8.666, -0.1)

Second vault is a kaz full, really loses his form throughout this in the air in terms of both his hips and knees, lands a bit weird with his hips bending his chest forward, legs are a little locked, hop to the side. 13.833 (4.8, 9.033)

13.999 average

2:39 pm. Caio Souza BRA VT: Handspring double front half aka the Dragulescu, ends up a bit short and has to take a huge hop forward. 14.333 (5.6, 8.733)

Kaz double full, some leg form especially as he gets further through the twist, big lunge back. 14.500 (5.6, 8.900)

14.416 average

2:37 pm. Vault warmups are underway now!

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